Crazy in Love

Two girls named Gianna and Morgan that are best friends got two tickets and back stage passes to a One Direction concert and fell in love with the boys. Something bad happened a lot bad things happens.


22. Wake up call


I woke up by my phone ringing. It was Morgan. " Hey Morg, What's up " I rub my eyes and look at Harry. He was still sleeping. " I just want to tell you were we're going "  " Ok were?" I got up and put on my bra, underwear, Harry's shirt, and shorts. " we're going to the club" I widen my eyes " Me and you are to young. Ok  " I went down stars to make some food for ever one. " Oh and after that we can call the other boys and we all can come to my house. " I went to the refrigerator and got out Eggs, Bacon, Brad, Butter, and Sausage. " That's a good idea" I can tell that she was smiling. " Ok, got to go making food for every one, Well just me, Louis, Eleanor and Harry." " Ok by " I said by back and I hanged up. I heard a door open and foot steps. It was Eleanor. " Good morning " I smiled and look at her. " Good morning to you to " She walk over to me and gave me a hug. " Do you need help? " She ask. " Yes please" We cook together and talked. " We heard you and Harry last night " I look at her. I felt dizzy. Her and Louis heard us last night. Were we that loud? Well thank god that it was just them, But still damn it. " Really " I swallowed hared. " It's ok me and Louis hook up too" Me and her laugh. " There, We're done " Me and her laugh. " Let's wake up the lazy boys." She went to get Louis and I went to get Harry.


" Wake up baby " I open my eyes and see Gianna siting next to me " Good morning. Food Is ready. Me and Eleanor made it " She whispered in my ear. She was so close that I could feel her body heat. I got up and look at her, She was wearing my shirt and shorts. I smiled at her, She smiled back. I put on my underwear and pants, No shirt. We went down stars holding hands. I see Eleanor and Louis waiting for us. " Good morning " I smiled and me and Gianna sat down and we ate. "  Food was good girls " Louis got up and put the dishes in the sink. "  Thank you " I got up too and took her dish and gave her a kiss on the lips. " Me and Harry will do the dishes. You and Eleanor go have fun. " Gianna look at me and send me an evil smile. " Ok, Me and Eleanor are going shopping " Louis yelled and  they left. Now it was just me and Gianna. We did the dishes and sat down on the couch. " we're going to the club today with Morgan and Niall " She snuggled into my arms. " Well this is going to be fun " I look at her and gave her a smile. " Oh and after that every one is going to my house " " every one?" I ask " Yah you, me, the boys and there girlfriends " She got up and put on a movie. Today will be fun. Going to the club with Gianna, Niall, and Morgan, And then going to Gianna's. Maybe we can play truth or dare. " Want to ask Morgan and Niall if hey want to go shopping " I ask. " Shure " We got up and went up stars to my room. " Hey Nialler do you want to go sopping with me and Gianna. You can bring Morgan."  " Ok we'll meet you there. " I hanged up and put on a shirt. " Are you ready " "Yah" She look at me and smiled, And we left.



   We are shopping, But we split up. Morgan and Gianna are together and it me and Niall. We went down to the strip. Me and Niall wen to Top Men. I got shirts, pants, hats, and sun glasses. " So how are you and Morgan doing?" I ask " Good. You " He look at me and smiled. " same"  I look over the street and the sex store was there. " Lets go in there " I walked over there and went inside. I want to get Gianna some thing. I found a sexy kitty costume. It was black and white, short, it has a tail, little cute kitty ears, black tight, and high heels. She'll look so good in it because she's thin and curvy. Damn it she'll look sexy in it. " Are you going to bye that " Niall look at me laughing. " Fuck yah. This is for Gianna." We left and meet up with the Girls and we went to get ready to go to the club.   



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