Crazy in Love

Two girls named Gianna and Morgan that are best friends got two tickets and back stage passes to a One Direction concert and fell in love with the boys. Something bad happened a lot bad things happens.


4. The concert

Me and Morgan are in the limo and I'm thinking damn this is cool. I don't know what Morgan is thinking but she is red well I think it is a pinkish color. Morgan look at me with a smile and I smiled back " I hope they play my favorite song!" She said with a hope look. " What is it? " I ask " LOVED YOU FIRST! " she screamed with a weird voice. I was laughing. " What about you Gianna?" with her voice bake to normal " Umm I should've kiss you." "Good song" she whispered "And I like Na na na to" I whispered to. " We are almost there girls " The driver said with his eyes on the road. " SHIT I for got my wallet " I whispered under my breath. Morgan heard me " Do you still have you're ticket and you're bake stage pass?" she looked concerned " Yes but it has my money in it"  It's a good thing I have my tickets and back stage pass. I put it in my bra and I'm wearing back stage pass thank god I have it if not I will DIE. Morgan was happy that I have it. " We're here girls " The driver said with a smile. " Thank you very much" Me and Morgan said together. We ran to the building because the concert was about to begin. We got our seats and then the lights turn off every girl screamed but me. I'm thinking shut the hell up and then the lights turn on but only the stage. Me and Morgan look at each other we're screaming as well. We're only screaming because I was happy to see One Direction not because the lights turn off. Then, Morgan screamed even louder. She saw Niall. I saw Niall ,Zayn ,Liam .Harry, and then I saw him my world Louis. I scream as well. but I have a felling that Louis is a friend not a boy friend but I fell that Harry can be my boy friend  I don't now I'm having weird emotions about them. Then look up at the stage I see Harry staring at me and I also see Niall staring at Morgan we both scream to each other and the I here my favorite song " I SHOULD'VE KISSED YOU " I screamed to Morgan. I was singing to the song I love that song. then Morgan eyes was wide. she was is her own little world. she was hearing her favorite song and then the concert was over me and Morgan zoom out and we saw them. There was One Direction  

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