Crazy in Love

Two girls named Gianna and Morgan that are best friends got two tickets and back stage passes to a One Direction concert and fell in love with the boys. Something bad happened a lot bad things happens.


20. The call


 I woke up by the sun light shining in my eyes. I look at my phone an it said ' sun. 9:30.' I sighed loud and then I smiled to my self. today I get this fucking casts off of my arm and leg. I felt a arm going up my tummy. which gave me the chills. " good morning" I heard his voice and it was deep. sexy. I smiled and turn to look at him. " good morning to you to love "  we gazed into each other eyes. his green eyes are so beautiful. " when do we have to go to the hospital " I look at him. " 3:30 " I said it with a sweet voice. he gentle kiss my lips and I giggled. I sat up and swag my legs over the bed and stared at my broking leg. " are you ok love " I could feel him looking at me behind my back. then he put his strong hand on my shoulder. making me to shiver. " I'm just glad that I'm going to take this god damn casts off " he laugh under his breath. " lay down and cuddle next to me " he pated the open space next to me and him. " ok but let me put on some clothes " " nope " he graded my waste, making me to gasp. he put me next to him. filling the empty space.  I look at him and giggled. I crash my lips in his and he kissed me back. then I tried to get lose from his grip but it didn't work because he is stronger then me. then my phone rang. my phone was my dresser. he let go of me and I graded my crutches and walk over to get my phone and answer it " ello tis is Gianna" I look back at Harry he was patting the bed again and giving me puppy eyes with his lower lip hanging out. I giggled.



Gianna look back at me and I patted the bed and giving her the puppy eyes with my bottom lip handing out. that made her giggle. " ok...that sounds I get it off...we'll be there... k bye... see you tomorrow...ok I will...k bye" she handed up and smiled at me. she walk over to me, dropped her crutches and jumped in bed. " so how was that " I look at her in the eyes. her gorges chocolate eyes. " Morgan. she wants us to go on a double date with her and Niall. " I smiled. " oh and all so Niall and Morgan said hi " she kiss me and I kiss her back and she go up and put on clothes. I got up and the covers fell off my privet part. Gianna look at it and giggled. I put on my underwear on and following my pants and shirt. I look at Gianna. she was having troubles putting on her pants and shirt. I walk over to her and pulled down he shirt and then I pulled up her pants making her stand up. she blushed. " thank up babe" she zipped and buttoned her gens. " I thought you need help" I laugh a bit. " what time is it " she ask and I look at my phone. " it's 11:54. wow time went fast when you're having fun" I was surprised. she even look surprised to. I walk over to her from behind. " lets go get some thing to eat " I whispered in her ear and spank her ass making her yell. " yah" she had trouble saying it because I was squeezing her ass hard too. " you like that " I was still whispering in her ear. she nod fast. I see that her face is all red. then I let go. she turned around and fast kiss me. I lick the bottom of her lip to enter in her mouth but she didn't listen, so I bit her lip hard and she opened right away. I fast put my tongue in her mouth. I played with her tongue with mine. she taste so good. then she let go and pulled away. she giggled and she grab her crutches and as fast as she can she run away from me. I laugh. then I ran after her. I grad her waste making her giggle. I pick her up and carry her down stars I flopped her on the couch and started tickling her to death. " HARRY... AHHAHH... PLEASE.... STOP" she laugh. I was laughing as well but I didn't stop. " HARRY... I'M GOING TO PEE MY PANTS" she yelled / laugh. so I stop. her chest was going up and down vary fast. I look at the clock, it was 2:35. " I think we should go. we can pick up food ok " I'm out of breath by laughing." ok. can you give me my shoes" she manage to say out of breath. I got up and found her shoes. I walk back and I bent down and put her one shoe on her." thank you prince charming" " any thing for you my princess" I look at her and smiled. " lets go " she said. we left and went to the car.            

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