Crazy in Love

Two girls named Gianna and Morgan that are best friends got two tickets and back stage passes to a One Direction concert and fell in love with the boys. Something bad happened a lot bad things happens.


7. Morgan's pick up

I woke up really happy because I have a date with Harry. man he was gorges last night. in his suit. Mmmmm!!!! I do like Louis but he have a girl friend and Harry is hot and kind and also sweet. I'm so happy ad I even woke up with a big smile. so I called Morgan. " Elow " she said still half a sleep. " I have a date to night!!" I said with joy. she screamed then I screamed  then we both screamed. " with who?" she ask weirdly " with HARRY you dumb ass." when I was joking we laugh " same. I have a date to. also today to."  " with how " I ask. " Niall dumb ass!" she joked as well. " so what are you doing on the date" I ask weirdly "to dinner." " where?"  " I don't know I think its a surprise." " cool " I said. " what about you?" she ask " we're going to the movies " oooohhh"  " oh shut the hell up Morgan!" as I blush. she laugh " what time" Morgan ask. " 7:00" " me to" Morgan laughed " o.k what to come over till they pick us up? I ask " sure. " she said.


Me and Morgan are ready to be picked up it's now 6: 50. Then I here a car out side. I'm thinking to my self that's not my mom or dad so its got to be Niall or Harry. the I look out the window it was Niall. he looks cute. " MORGAN! NIALL IS HERE!!" I yelled up stars to her because I'm down stars and then when I went to open the door Morgan zoomed down and got there be for  me. " DAMN girl you got there be for me. man you're fast. so were are you guys are going" I said it weirdly then I saw that Niall was blushing. " To Nandos!" " That sounds good. " Morgan said with a smile and then a blush. then Niall and Morgan left. now I'm home alone the I here a car it was Harry.       

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