Crazy in Love

Two girls named Gianna and Morgan that are best friends got two tickets and back stage passes to a One Direction concert and fell in love with the boys. Something bad happened a lot bad things happens.


14. Hospital


As I go in the ambulance with Gianna I began to cry. I can't stand to see her like this. " Gianna wake up pleas" I whisper under my breath. we are here at the hospital. I got out and began to run to Gianna then a nurse stop me. " I'm sorry but you can't go back there. you have to wait in the waiting room till the doctor. can give you permission. ok." " ok.'' I was waiting for the boys to come and the doctor. I should call Mirs. Burton to know what happen. " Ello is this Marry?"  " you speeking to her" " hi this is Morgan... some thing happen to Gianna" I just blurted out. " what happen? is she ok?"  " well thats the proplim we don't know we are at the hospital."  " ok thanks for telling me. I'm going to tell kevin thank you again." then we hang up.then I see Niall, Liam, Zayn , Louis, and Harry. I wonder were there dates are. " were's Gianna? how is she" Harry was wondering " I don't know. they took her to the bake." I told Harry. we waited and waited. then the nurse came out. " are you guys Gianna Burton's friends?" she ask " I'm her boy friend" Harry stands up. " well all of you come with me." she started walking and we followed her. Niall had his arm around me. I'm so wored about Gianna. then we were at a door. the nurse opened it for us. I see Gianna hook up to a lot of machines. her right leg and left arm is broken and she has her head wrap in bandge. " the doctor will be coming shortly." I started to cry and I see Harry crying to. he was looking at Gianna. I walk up to harry and touch his shoulder. he look up at me. " I'm sorry Harry" I apologize " why are you apologizing? you didn't do anything" he laugh " I don't know" I laugh and then everyone began to laugh. then the doctor came. " hi enery one. I'm Dr. Macy. well we have good news and bad news. you guys need to sit down. well Gianna is in a coma. we dont know when she is going to get out of it. good thing is she didn't hurt her brain but she crack her skull open so we need to do surgery on it." I couldn't take it no more news so I went to the restroom to cry after I began to fix my make up so no one now I was crying. I heard a door opend to the rest room. it was Zayn and Niall. " are you ok love" Niall look at me. " I'm ok. how is Harry doing?" " he's good. Louis is trying to cheer him up." Zayn looking at me to. " lets go back to the room ok love" Niall huge me and gave me a kiss on my forehead. we went back and then left. I slept over at Niall's and all I was thinking about was when is Gianna going to wake up?

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