Crazy in Love

Two girls named Gianna and Morgan that are best friends got two tickets and back stage passes to a One Direction concert and fell in love with the boys. Something bad happened a lot bad things happens.


5. Harry pov


As me and the boys got out of the van these fans were waiting for us to get there and I don't know how long they were there. I kind of felt bad for them " WOW we have awesome fans" Zayn said with a cute smile and then we had to run in the building because the fans were getting out of control. When the concert was about to began we got dressed and then went on stage. When I got on stage I saw this girl she was beautiful. She wore a red dress that was silk with no straps and it was short. It was below the knees. I keep on staring at her and she was staring at me and then I sang I should've kiss you and she sing alone. I wish I could hear her sing I bet she sings beautiful. After that we went back stage and then I saw her walking. She was walking sexy to me. We both said hi. She had a high voice almost like Louis'. It was hot. That's what I like is a girl. She had pretty brown eyes and long thick, wavy, and brown curly hair. Her friend is pretty as well but she was just beautiful. " What is your name?" I question " Gianna Burton " she said with her high voice. I'm going for it. I'm going to ask her out and come to my house. I am so nervous. " So do you want to go to the movies tomorrow?" I blush and then I saw she was blushing as well " Yes but what time are you picking me up?" with her red face. " What about 7:00?"  " Ok see you then Harry." she hugged me the Louis then Liam then Niall then Zayn and left with her friend. I was happy. When I got home I went strait to bed but I was not tired. I was thinking about Gianna the whole night and the me eyes slowly close and I fell asleep.


AUTHER NOTE: the dirty stuff is coming pretty soon. (after nail's pov)   

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