Crazy in Love

Two girls named Gianna and Morgan that are best friends got two tickets and back stage passes to a One Direction concert and fell in love with the boys. Something bad happened a lot bad things happens.


11. Disney World ( Karaoke)

I woke up hearing my phone ring. it was Morgan. " ARE YOU GOING?!?!" she yelled in my ear. I had to put the phone away from my ear. " yeah" I yawned. " Gianna time for breakfast! " my mom yelled down the stars. so I got off the phone and got dress and went down stars to eat.  " Gianna we got bad news for you. " my mom looked at my dad and they both look at me. " Me and you're mom are going on a business trip for about two months." my dad held my hand praying that I wouldn't freaking out. I tried to chill. trying to not freak out. " o.k. just be safe." I did it with out freaking out. " when are you guys leaving "   " right now " my mom said with sorry in her eyes. they kissed my on my forehead and left. they just left me there alone. I went in the kitchen to finish my food and I got a call. it's my mom." I forgotten to tell you I put 100 dollars in you're account so you can survive."  " o.k. mom thanks "  I laugh and then handed up the phone. I finish and clean up a little. ding song. " someone is at the door." I ran to the door and it was Morgan. " hey "  I smiled " hey what you doing and where is you're mom and dad? they all was sit there with there tea or coffee." she looked every were.   " they went on a two month business trip. " I look down at the floor. " so they left you to die. hoe mean." she joke around. " are you ready?" she ask  " yah " I got my purse . locked the door and left. we meeting the boys there. as we got there the boys were all ready there. I saw Harry and gave him a big hug and a big kiss. he was wearing his beanie. I love his beanie because I love hats. ' I miss you to." he smiled. we went in and the first the was we split up so now it's me and Harry. " what do you want to go on?"  " I don't know. any one you want to."  I'm not a big fan of  roller coasters. " o.k. lets do karaoke." he said  " o.k. I like singing." we walk over and Harry beginning to sing Kiss You to me. at the end. he went off he stage and sing it in my face  " if you don't wanna talk it slow and you just wanna take me home. baby say yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. and let me kiss you." then he kissed me. " you're turn" breath less. I smiled. I got on the stage. mad me look sexy and begin to sing Gold by Neon Hitch. I was dancing and moving my hips sexy for him. he seems to like it. I move my finger to persuade him to come up on the stage. he did. at the end I kiss him like he did to me. " do you know we have crazy love?" I said breathless. " yeah. we do. do you want to go on the Super Man?"  every thing stop and I just stared at him.

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