Crazy in Love

Two girls named Gianna and Morgan that are best friends got two tickets and back stage passes to a One Direction concert and fell in love with the boys. Something bad happened a lot bad things happens.


17. coming home


I woke up by the nurse giving me food. I hate hospital food. today I get out of this hell place. I hate hospitals. people die in here. Harry want to spend the night at my house to day. " hi love" I see a curly hair boy walking to me and gave me a kiss on the mouth. " ready " he ask " hell yah. I'm ready to get out of this hell place" I whispered he smiled. I grab my crutches and Harry checked me out. we went in the car and droved off. " how are you doing today " I ask him. he looks at me with a smile " good babe you" " good feel free" he laugh. next thing we now it we were at my house. he parked in my drive way. he opened the door for me. " what a gentleman " l got out and he put his hand one side of my hip and the other on my bum. " Anything for my lady " I blush . " lets play a game when we get inside " I saw a evil gran on his face. when we got inside he shut the door and lock it behind us. then he scooped me up and carry me in my room. he thru me on my bed " I'm the pirate and you're the princess that I kidnaped " he whispered in my ear. he was so close that I could feel his body heat.      " ok "  " you're my slave "  " oh really " then he began to kiss my neck. that's my weakness. he went on top of me and he began to take off my shirt and then my pants. so now I'm half naked but he wouldn't let me strip him. he did everything. then he took off my red and black bra. he began to kiss my neck and down to my tummy. then he began to take off my underwear and his tongue went down and he began to lick me which made me pull his hair.  then he took two of his fingers and put it in me. it feel so damn good. he went faster. I want him. I need him. fall size.  " Harry" I moaned " Harry " I moaned and he stop. " are you sure" " yes "  I yelled. then he took off his shirt , pants , and  underwear. so we are naked together. he grab his cock, first he rain it up and down my clit teasing me " Don't fucking teas me " I yelled " beg for it "  " pleas Harry pleas "  " not good enough " he smiled " HARRY GET THE FUCK INSIDE ME " I tried to sit up but he push me down. then he put his fall size cock into me. " aw " I yelled. " are you ok" he ask " fuck me pretty boy" I whispered. he smiled. he went in and out of me again and again harder and faster. both of his hands was on my hip moving me up and down. " you're good fucking me" I moaned. then he went slower and slower he bent down and kiss my neck. " HARRY" I moaned louder. " you're my little slut" he whispered in my ear. then he stop. " turn around " he yelled. but I didn't listen " TRUN AROUND" he screamed, but I still didn't listen. so he did it. I'm in a doggy style " YOU BETTER LISTEN TO ME! OK! REMEMBER I'M THE PIRATE AND YOU DO WHAT I SAY" he yelled.   



I love her body. her smile, her voice. she is in a doggy style. I put my fingers across her back and then slapped her ass making her scream. " what do you want me to do " I ask " any thing. just get the fuck inside me again" she managed to say. then I put my crock inside her again, not in the ass hole but in he pussy. it was tight.  I like it. I grad her hips and I went faster and harder. in and out. back and forth. " FUCK HARRY! DON'T STOP!!" she screamed loud, she was close to cumming. " GIANNA I LOVE YOU " I managed to say and went harder and a lot faster " I LOVE YOU TOO HARRY " she screams back. I am still fucking her. " you're so good to fuck " I moaned. I gave her one last hard push, enough to make her scream my name then I stop. I laded next to her. we're sweeting and shaking. " you're giving me a blowjob tomorrow  " she smiles and kiss my lips. I put my arm around her and we fell asleep together.

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