Crazy in Love

Two girls named Gianna and Morgan that are best friends got two tickets and back stage passes to a One Direction concert and fell in love with the boys. Something bad happened a lot bad things happens.


15. Boys day out


I wake up feeling empty. I hate waking up with the bed empty and just me. I miss Gianna. it's bin about a week sins she bin in the hospital. I go to the hospital every day to see her. I even sing to her. I sang ' Don't let me go' to her. " knock knock " I here Louis knocking and saying it. " hey " I got up and put on paints. " what to go out with me and the boys?" he walk to my bed and sat. " sure but after that I'm going to the hospital "  I put on a T-shirt and me and Louis went down stars and all the boys were smiling at me. it was weird. " hey Niall where is Morgan "  " she went to the hospital " he bit into his sandwich. " what time is it?" I ask. " 11:37 "  " HOLLY SHIT!! is that how long I've bin sleeping" I was surprised. " yah we were all surprised" I here Liam coming out off his room. " were are we going?" Louis ask. " ummm....." every one said. " lets go to Top Men " Niall finish his sandwich. " ok lets go " Louis hop out of his char and went to get his shoes. " I'm surprised that he can find his shoes " Liam laugh. then every one laugh. " ha ha vary funny Liam " Louis said sarcastically. the look on Louis face makes me laugh. " c'mon Harry!! every one is waiting for you " Louis honk the horn on the van. as I got in there Louis put on the radio. our song was on ' what makes you beautiful '. " I love this song of ours" Zayn sighed. we all began to sing. " we're her boys " Louis pulled on the parking lot. we got out. " it's a perfect day to go shopping boys " Louis took in a deep breath and let it out. we went in and I saw a lot of things I like. we got a lot of things like hats, shirts , pants , shoes, and I got some thing for Gianna when she wake up. I got her a hat and a T-shirt. I know she love hats and on the T-shirt it say ' I love Harry Styles ' on it. it makes me happy when I look at it. I feel a tear going down my face. " are you ok mate?" I here Liam standing next to me. " yah. just thinking about Gianna." I wipe the tear off of my face and I look at Louis face. " he really loves shopping." I smiled. then I here Niall's phone. he pick it. " hey babe...really...ok..I'll tell him" he got off the phone and he gave me a big smile. " BOYS COME HERE!!" he yelled " Harry good news. Gianna is wake."  Niall can't stop smiling. we all were smiling. I felt tears streaming down my face. " c'mon lads lets go" I yelled and smiling. we went in the van and drove to the hospital. I cant wait to see her. I am crazy in love with her. I never bin in crazy love till now. 

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