Crazy in Love

Two girls named Gianna and Morgan that are best friends got two tickets and back stage passes to a One Direction concert and fell in love with the boys. Something bad happened a lot bad things happens.


19. black out


I woke up the same day because I look at my phone and it said sat. 3:05. Harry was still sleeping. his hair was all over the place. I tried to get up but I can't because two reasons. first reason is I can't move my lower par of my body because we had sex today and last night and last reason is I can't move because Harry's leg is rap around my legs. so I can't even move them and his arm is around my waste vary tight. I was just laying here being bored to death. then I look at my phone again is was 3:10. " Aww" I yelled because my head was hurting. it felt like some one is banding a hammer on my head. " are you ok love " I heard his deep voice making him sound sexy. " yah " I sighed. " what's wrong " he started to rub my stomach. " I have a headache really bad " I put my hand on my head and rub it. he kiss my forehead. I hate being in pain. " I'll make you some tea " he put on his underwear and went down stars. I just lay there, still. can't move. I made myself stand up and all at once I felt pain and dizzy. I put on some underwear and a bra. got my crutches and walked over to the bathroom. I felt so dizzy that I all most had a black out. I sat down on the toilet. the room was spinning around me. I got up and walk to the bed. I was all most there and then every thing went black.


 I went down stars to make Gianna some tea for her headache and then I heard a thump. I didn't know what it was so I check it out. I went up stars and went in Gianna's room and there she was laying on the ground. I ran to her. I pick her up and lay her on the bed. " Gianna are you ok. wake up" I yelled and then I saw her eyes open " what happen " " I think I black out " she got up and she grab her crutches and walk down stars." I hate this cast." she look at it and then sat on the couch. " when are you getting it off " I ask. she look at me smiling. " tomorrow " she giggled. I went in the kitchen and grab two cups of tea. I sat next to her and gave her one cup." lets watch a movie " I like movies. " ok what movie " she ask " p.s I love you " I ask. her eyes widen. " that's my favorite movie " I put it on and me and her watch it. her eyes were watering. she went close to me. she was snuggling into me. I put my arms around her. she fell asleep in the middle of the movie. she looks so peaceful and safe in my arms . I look at the clock it was 10:17. I pick her up and put her in her bed. I took off my underwear and turn off the light. I slid under the covers, she was facing me and I kiss her lips gently so I wont wake her. and I fell asleep.

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