Crazy in Love

Two girls named Gianna and Morgan that are best friends got two tickets and back stage passes to a One Direction concert and fell in love with the boys. Something bad happened a lot bad things happens.


21. Back at the Hospital

Me and Gianna are in the car. we haven't talk since we got in the car. we're going to the hospital to get her two casts off her arm and leg. I look at her. she's staring at the window to see what's going on in the world. so I put the radio on. the song ' love somebody ' by Maroon 5 is playing. she is singing along to it. she's really good. she even gave me goose bumps and a shiver. she sounds like an angel, a sweet and soft angel. " take me all the way, you can take me all the way " she sang. then the song was over. " you have a beautiful voice " I look at her, she's all red. " you should sing more " I look back at the road. " noo" she laugh a little. " whyyyy. you have a beautiful voice and " I didn't finish. I wonder what she's going to say. I want to say ' and you turn we on when you sing'.                     " and what " she ask. " and when you sing you turn me on " I managed to say. I look back at her, she's even reder then before. I laugh under my breath. we're here. Gianna got out of the car and me and her walk to the door together.  " hi I'm here to see Dr. Macy " she said it so sweet. " Gianna " she ask. " yes "


" right this way" then me and Harry started walking. " in here. she will be in here shortly " I tried to get on the bed but I can't. the I here Harry laughing, then he pick me up and put me on the bed " thank you " I blush. " any time love " I kiss him. just a peek on the lips. " hi Gianna are you ready to get those cast off " Dr. Macy said. " yes "  "lets get ready" I saw a little saw. " have you bin having any pains " " well not really " then she put on the saw. I look at Harry. he looks nerves, he began to squeeze my hand. then she take off my cast on my arm and then my leg and the next thing I new it we are back in the car. " I'm so happy those fucking casts are off " he laugh and look at me. we look at each other in our eyes. I kiss him with passion and he kiss me back. then we drove off. we got food and went to Harry's house. " hi guys" me and harry yelled to the boys. " yeah Harry and Gianna" every one said back. " your looking better Gianna, no more casts" Liam look at me and smiled. " yah I got them off today " " are you spending the night " Louis smiled. Louis was sitting on the couch. I look at Harry and smiled. " yah " I kiss Harry on the lips. " please get a room you guys" Louis smiled and laugh.


I took off my pants and shirt. so now I am in my underwear and bra. Harry looks at me. I blush " like what you see " I walk over to him and gave him a peek on the check. " yes I do " he grad me and pined me down on the bed and started to kiss me passionately he slide his tongue in my mouth. " not tonight " " why, your killing me. can we touch then " " ok" I kiss him back. I kiss his neck licking and sucking. he took off my bra. the off hid pants and shirt. till me and him are in our underwear. that have to change. thin I pin him down so I was on top of him. I pulled down his underwear. he sat up but I push him back down. " just relax love" I look at him. he just relax and smiled. I kiss the tip of is penis and put 3\4 of his length in my mouth making him moan loudly. his hands moved up to my hair and wrapped his fingers in it, gently moving my head back and forth. I gagged a little and that even turned him even more on. he pressed his penis deeper down my throat but I didn't mined. " ahh" he groaned loud. I pulled away and swallowed " Fuck " I smiled. " my turn " he pulled me and he rolled on me.



I was on her. she said no sex. that hard. I pulled down her underwear. then I kiss her neck and went down. I began to kiss her pussy. then I put my tongue inside her. she fast put her hand on my hair. " ahhh " she yelled/ moaned. she tastes good. then I stop and I put my finger in her. " faster" she tooled me and I did. I went up and kiss her. I put my tongue in her mouth and I'm still fingering her. we played with each other tongue. " I love you " I look at her in her chocolate eyes. " I love you to " we stop touching each other. I lay next to her. snuggling with each other and fell asleep.

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