Crazy in Love

Two girls named Gianna and Morgan that are best friends got two tickets and back stage passes to a One Direction concert and fell in love with the boys. Something bad happened a lot bad things happens.


10. Asking

I woke up and seeing Harry on his stomach and his face to mine. I was bored so I just shook him to wake him up but he just turn so now his back is to me. so I just decided to draw on him with my finger. I was drawing a cat then a carrot then a heart with mine and Harry's names in it then I stop
" Don't stop it felt good." " I thought you were a sleeping."  " I was then you started to draw on me which it tickled."  " so you're ticklish?" with a evil grin on my face and I started to tickle him. his laugh it makes me laugh. I stop and he started to tickle me. " and I gest you're ticklish to."  " yes" trying to gasp for air. we got up got dress and left his room. when I was walking in the hall I saw a open door peeked in it. it was Niall's room. I saw Morgan and Niall snuggling with each other ad I also saw them with close on to. so gest they took it to a PG-13. then I felt two hand on my waste. I look up it was Harry and we were grinding on each other. so he put on music not loud to wake every one up but we were dancing sexy to each other. it was fun. " do you want to go to Disney World with us?"  " how's us?"  " you know Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall and there dates"  Oh. yes " with a smile on my face. I never bin to Disney World. I herd they put up a new ride. it's called the Super Man you go on this thing that you go up rely high and you fall and it's like you're flying like super man. I herd it's fun but I'm scared of high thing but if Harry wants to go on it I will do it. we were still dancing and then the music stop right in the middle of it and me and Harry look while still dancing. it was Louis and Zayn. " what in the hell are you guys doing?" Zayn said while rubbing his eyes same with Louis. we stop and we were blushing. I just laugh. " so are you coming to Disney World with us Gianna?" Louis ask. " yah " I blushed. then Niall and Morgan woke up and I look at her smiling. she was smiling to but it was weak because she just woke up. " where is Liam " Harry looked in his room but he wasn't there. " he's at his girl friends" Louis said as he be again to drink his tea. " let's all of us go out " Niall said and Morgan said yes. every on said yes. we went we at we left

little later

I'm at home and I miss Harry so I called to say "good night and see you tomorrow at Disney World."  " good night love you baby."  " love you to."  LOVE. this is the first time he said he love me. I fell a sleep smiling thinking that some one loves me




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