Crazy in Love

Two girls named Gianna and Morgan that are best friends got two tickets and back stage passes to a One Direction concert and fell in love with the boys. Something bad happened a lot bad things happens.


13. Ambulance


as me and Gianna fall from the sky, Gianna grabed me and pulled me on top of her. she whisper in my ear " I love you and I'm sorry." I was confus for a second and then I know what she was going to do. SHE IS GOING TO DIE FOR ME! as she touch the water she kiss me and push me up. I'm up on the surface. I'm looking for Gianna, as I'm doing that I hear poeple yelling " are you ok" Harry are you hurt" " were's Gianna" and I'm trying to find Gianna and wondering were's the fuck is she! then I see her. she's laying on the growned still. she's bleeding alot. I swam down and graped her diying body. then swam to the surface. " Gianna wake up. pleas wake up" I feel the burn in my eyes. she's diying. I was trying to swim to the shore. when I got there the guys graped Gianna and pulled her up. I got out of the water and ran to Gianna. some one was doing mouth to mouth on her. I was mad but then she cough alot of water. that made me lighten up a little but she didn't move. I see Morgan in the corner of my eye crying into Niall's arms. then she ran to me and began to cry in my arms. thank god that the ambulance came. they put her in a gurney and rush in the ambulance. Morgan went with them and me and the boy with there dates went in there cars and went tho the hospital.



authers note:  thanks for reading my book. love ya guys  

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