A Broken Mind

Meet Bailey and Kay. their lives are disasters. They never do anything right. Never been popular. Kay and Bailey are best friends with the same diagnoses heart break, Bailey put a gash in her wrist leaving a scar, Kay tried something you wouldn't believe!

Their lives were miserable until they met Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne will they help Kay and Bailey get threw their problems or make them worse?

**All the names are made up except for Liam and Louis.**


4. The Real meeting

*Bailey's p.o.v*
Ok so this is how we really meet.
*Flash back*
I was sitting at lunch by myself wearing a graphic t-shirt, Jeans, a cupcake beanie and Batmn converse. My head was down eating. No one at school liked me. I sat a end of a table. Someone came and sat down. I looked up.
There sat a girl with brown hair brown eyes. I continued to eat silently. "Hello Im Kay" She announced. I slowly looked up. she is really talking to me? "Um, Hi im Bailey" I responded very quitly.
"What happend to you wrist" Kay asked."Um I dont know" I aid unshurly. "Oh don't give me that crap you cut yourself dident you" she responded. I knodded. She made me look at her. "Dont hurt youself, Your too Beautiful to be hurting youelf. Your not alone anymore you have me" He strictly said. I kinda smiled. Maybe i could make a friend. "Thanks, I really needed that" I expressed. "Anytime" she stated. "Well I have to go plan revege" She said "Count me in" I revealed.

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