A Broken Mind

Meet Bailey and Kay. their lives are disasters. They never do anything right. Never been popular. Kay and Bailey are best friends with the same diagnoses heart break, Bailey put a gash in her wrist leaving a scar, Kay tried something you wouldn't believe!

Their lives were miserable until they met Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne will they help Kay and Bailey get threw their problems or make them worse?

**All the names are made up except for Liam and Louis.**


5. Revenge

*kays pov* We crept up behind Wesley(my ex boyfriend who cheated on me for my bff)I got my tray of dusgustingly,hard cafeteria tacos.I looked at bailey,it looked like she knew exactly wat I was gonna do. Wesley was sitting at his so called popular table and dumping the tacos on his head."oops it slipped."I said batting my long eyelashes.then Bailey and I ran back to our table laughing."haha halarious"She said."Definatly."I said looking at Wesley who was frowning and complaining about his new shirt that was ruined.I laughed some more"what a wanker."
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