A Broken Mind

Meet Bailey and Kay. their lives are disasters. They never do anything right. Never been popular. Kay and Bailey are best friends with the same diagnoses heart break, Bailey put a gash in her wrist leaving a scar, Kay tried something you wouldn't believe!

Their lives were miserable until they met Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne will they help Kay and Bailey get threw their problems or make them worse?

**All the names are made up except for Liam and Louis.**


6. my Secret will end me

* A Week later Bailey's p.o.v* I Was taking a Jog. I Was wearing a wolf t-shirt, A leather jacket, Camo pants andblack converse. I twisted my ankle. A bench was nearby. I hopped to the bench and sat down. I held my ankle. I had no one to call, My phone as at home. What am i going to do.I think my ankle is broke. Add that to the list 19th broken bone. Someone walks infront of me. I look up at them Its Liam again. "Oh hey, your the girl i spilt coffie on! Are you ok love" He askes me. do i look ok? i ask him in my head. "Im fine i just twisted my ankle and i bealive its broke" i explain to him. "Here let me look" he offers. h bends down and Takes off my shoe and sock. My ankle is purple and blue already. he lightly pessed it with him thumb. I wince letting out a little squeal. "Ok ill, take you o my flat give youa brace and take you to the doctor" he offers. "Thanks Liam" i reply. "No problum love, really" He says sweetly. I stand up. i start hopping behind him. "Let me carry you" he insits. "Im fine" I reply. without any warning he pics me up bridal style. "You pick me up, and you dont even know my name" I say. "Whats your name love" He asks me. "Bailey" I reply."Know i do" he said. I laugh. He smiles down at me. Ahh his eyes. Bailey snap yourself out of this. He will be gone. We arrive at his flat. He kicksoff his shoes and takes off his jacket. "here ill take your jacket" he says to me. "No im fine" I insist. "Bailey let me see the coat" he sayd stirnly. "No" I reply. I start hopping to his couch. He takes me by suprize once agin and takes off my jacket. It releales all 18 scars going up my arm. He grabs my wrist. His eyes glued to my cuts. Helooks at me in the eyes. sadness all in his eyes. I turned my head. Expecting the wrose to Happen.
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