A Broken Mind

Meet Bailey and Kay. their lives are disasters. They never do anything right. Never been popular. Kay and Bailey are best friends with the same diagnoses heart break, Bailey put a gash in her wrist leaving a scar, Kay tried something you wouldn't believe!

Their lives were miserable until they met Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne will they help Kay and Bailey get threw their problems or make them worse?

**All the names are made up except for Liam and Louis.**


15. Dance.

"It's not bad, well that bad anyway. I go back on tour at the end of the summer" he said. "Okay no biggie" I said. He smiled at me. He looked down at his watch. "Crap! I'm sorry I have to go ill come later! Bye" he said he kissed me on the cheek and rushed out the door. Okay? Odd. I plopped down on the couch. Time for the duck dynasty marathon!
*few hours later*
My door rang I went to the door. Kay was here! I let her in. She wasn't her happy self. "What's up" I asked. She took out her phone. She showed me a picture of Liam kissing Danielle payzer. I threw a remote at the wall in frustration. "Hey! It's not to late to go to the dance! Josh still wants to take you" she said. "I'll text him" I agreed. I took out my phone an texted josh. Me: Heyy
Josh: Hey beautiful
Me: aww haha still want to go to the dance?
Josh: yeah, you still not going?
Me: we'll, do u still want to take me
Josh: of course
Me: then pick me up at 8 :)
Josh: ill be there!
"I'm going with josh" I said. "Ohh! Your getting the quarterback" Kay squealed. I laughed. "Go get ready" I said.
"Bye" she called. She got up and left. I laughed then got ready. I ended up wearing a short dress that was red at the top then black at the bottom. With red ankle wedge shoes. I had on natural makeup along with my hair curly to the side. Soon the door rang. I hurried to the door I opened it expecting it to be Josh, but it was Liam. "Wow, where are you going looking do beautiful" Liam asked. "Dance" I replyed flatly. "What's wrong" he asked. "You" I replyed. He looked at me confused. "Maybe you should go ask Danielle about it" I said. He looked confused at first. Then looked at me. He was about to say something when he heard a car come. Here came josh in his sports car. He pulled up in my driveway. "Go away Liam I'm trying to have fun" I said Josh came up and put his arm around me. "What's going on" he asked. I avoided his question. "Let's go josh, don't worry about it" I replied. He shrugged his shoulders and we started to walk towards his car. Liam jerked Josh off of me causing me to fall. I scraped my arm. "Oww what the hell" I beamed. Josh threw a swing at Liam. Liam caught it and returned it. They were fighting over me. Josh stopped. "No trash like her is wroth this I'm out" josh said. He hopped in his car and drove away. "Thanks Liam" I said harshly. I went into the house and slammed the door behind me.  
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