Characters for One Direction Saga ( Done )

The characters for the new upcoming Movella, the One Direction Saga.


2. All About Gianna

Full Name: Gianna Love

Age: 17

Color Eyes: blue but using her powers her eyes turn red

Color hair: long brown hair

She is happy, loving, funny, shy, but once you know her she's out going, bubbly, and a half a witch. She is not that powerful like Morgan. Her mom was a witch and her dad is a normal person. Her mom died when Gianna was 10-years-old. Gianna only knows 500 spells and she only has 3 powers. Make people have pain just by looking at them only if she wants to, send thoughts to people, and read minds. She lives in Phoenix in Arizona and she lives by her self because when her mom died her dad took it really hard. He started drinking heavily and started beating Gianna. Then her dad died. But she always has a smile on even when bad things happen.    


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