Xanven of Suinnyu: The Beginning

Xanven of Suinnyu is a tale about Jordan Riley, an ordinary mortal boy who wishes to be a part of his favourite comic series of a mighty wizard's adventures, and much to his surprise, his wish comes true. He joins his comic book hero, Xanven Thornsong, the mighty wizard, in his battle to defeat the evil sorcerer, Zanendithas. (the rest of volume one is on its way)


1. the mortal boy

Jordan Riley was not one to pick fights, or even get involved in them; he was a quiet, reserved boy. He often dreamed of being a strong, commendable hero, desired by all; much like his comic book character idol, Xanven Thornsong. However, Jordan knew this was rather unlikely to happen. Despite not being the most popular of boys, Jordan did have Cyrus and Benjamin, his two best friends. Cyrus, Jordan's golden labrador companion who was always at his side; and Benjamin, Jordan's best friend at school who was a computer whizz and a bit of a comic book geek, like Jordan.                            



Jordan and Benjamin were great fans of one comic book series in particular, 'Xanven of Suinnyu' a series of tales of a great wizard, Xanven Thornsong and his battles with the evil Zanendithas, a powerful wizard sorcerer with a mighty grudge on Xanven and his followers. Xanven would sometimes be accompanied in his adventures by his sister, Prudove Thornsong and Professor Norril Wyrmsbane, a small, but powerful dwarf artificer who can always be relied on to create new contraptions, machines and other inventions.











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