Xanven of Suinnyu: The Beginning

Xanven of Suinnyu is a tale about Jordan Riley, an ordinary mortal boy who wishes to be a part of his favourite comic series of a mighty wizard's adventures, and much to his surprise, his wish comes true. He joins his comic book hero, Xanven Thornsong, the mighty wizard, in his battle to defeat the evil sorcerer, Zanendithas. (the rest of volume one is on its way)


3. journey to Suinnyu

Jordan felt a tapping on his forehead and immediately woke up, to find Benjamin above him, flicking his head, whilst stroking Cyrus.

"Ouch! Why are you flicking me? Why are you even here?" Jordan looked around and realised he wasn't in his bedroom, "and more to the point... where are we?"

"I don't know, I just woke up because I felt Cyrus licking my face and then I saw you laying here next to me. I tried to wake you up gently but you were in quite a deep sleep"

"I recognise this place, it kind of looks like Suinnyu..." Jordan reached into his pocket and pulled out one of his 'Xanven of Suinnyu' comics, he opened it to the page containing the drawing of Suinnyu and held it up, "oh my gosh! Ben, we're in Suinnyu! Hit me, I think I'm dreaming"

"what?" Benjamin seemed confused

"hit me! I'm sure this is a dream, so hit me!"

"if you say so" Benjamin swung and punched Jordan in the face, causing him to have a nose bleed. "oh gosh, Jordan, I'm so sorry!"

"that's OK, I guess we know that this must not be a dream. But how is this possible?"

"I'm not sure, but I'm still stuck on how I hit you so hard"

Cyrus walked over to Jordan and Benjamin and opened his mouth, "hey guys, do either of you know where I can get some food around here? I'm thinking sausages"

"Cyrus? Did you just talk?" Jordan was finding it even harder to believe this was not a dream

"I believe I did just move my mouth and words came flowing out. So yes, I did"

"I am so confused right now, are you hearing this Ben?" Benjamin did not reply as he was too busy looking at his new large arm muscles "Benjamin?"

"oh sorry Jordan, this place is amazing it has given me super strength... and muscles!" Benjamin was delighted 

"yeah and it's given Cyrus the power to talk! And by talk, I don't mean bark, I mean talk... like us!"

"so what's this place got in store for you pal?" Cyrus joined on the conversation 

"I don't know" Jordan tried to lift up the lamp post but failed, "well it's not strength, and I can already talk... so I don't know"

Benjamin spotted a small hut, much like Xanven Thornsong's, "hey, I think that's Xanven's hut, over there. I'll race you guys to it... last one there looks like Zanendithas' butt"

The three of them raced over to the hut, but as Jordan started to run, his feet moved faster than they ever had before, he ran faster than anyone he had ever seen before, he was faster than Usain Bolt! "I'm thinking my power might be super speed" he was really glad to have discovered his power at last.



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