Xanven of Suinnyu: The Beginning

Xanven of Suinnyu is a tale about Jordan Riley, an ordinary mortal boy who wishes to be a part of his favourite comic series of a mighty wizard's adventures, and much to his surprise, his wish comes true. He joins his comic book hero, Xanven Thornsong, the mighty wizard, in his battle to defeat the evil sorcerer, Zanendithas. (the rest of volume one is on its way)


2. it's time for a change

"can I read some of my 'Xanven of Suinnyu' comics before i go to sleep please?" Jordan climbed into bed and called to his mum,

"I suppose so, if you want to"

"thanks mum" Jordan reached out to his bookcase and grabbed 'Xanven of Suinnyu: The Beginning' the very first volume of the series, which Jordan had without a doubt read at least ten times, but once he had finished the entire series, he couldn't help but start it again. "Xanven Thornsong, now known as a mighty wizard, but things were once quite different..." Jordan read aloud to himself, then he thought to himself, "imagine if I were part of this comic, how awesome would that be? I wish that would happen to me, ha... I'd kick Zanendithas' butt... hmm... I wish" He continued to read his comic until he had completed it and then went to sleep, dreaming about his earlier fantasy thought of being a part of the comics. 


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