Romeo and Juliet

I made a story common to this one, but I delteted it, becaus I wasn't happy with it. It's realated to the competition, to write about a song. I'm writing about Love story-Talyor Swift. Hope you like it:)


2. Romeo and Juliet

Come on Juliet dear. We have to get us a new dress for the ball tonight. Yes mother.  Juliet responded. Juliet was sad, because her mother and father forced her so marry someone of their choice. What about love? What about being happy? Juliet tried, but they wouldn’t listen. They would only say that she read to many books. True love doesn’t exist my dear. Her mother used to say.
Juliet got downstairs. There was a man. He measured  Juliet and her mother. He was very quick, and soon he said: That’s it ms and mrs. You dresses should be ready in two days, i’ll have my best people on it and left.
Juliet went upstairs to read a book. Juliet was the most beautiful girl in the land. She had dark brown curly hair. It was so soft and felt like you were touching the sky. Her eyes where green. They shined brigther than any star, any man who looks in her eyes, falls in love with her right away. Juliet was the kindest, and loving girl in the land.
How can we ever find a man that is special enough for Juliet?Her mother asked her father. Don’t you worry dear, we will find him at the dance. Her mother was worried. She started to belive in her daugther.
Charles? Mabye Juliet deserves true love dear? Only she knows who deserves her. Her father  Charles turned around and was very angry. He looked his wife straight in the eyes and said: Look Adia. I will choose her husband weather she or you like it or not.
Juliet heard this conversation. Mother belives me?  There is still hope for me to get true love. Juliet was happy. Two days went qucikly by and the dresses arrived. They are beautiful! Thank you Sir. Juliet said to the man who sewed the dresses. He blushed, but his smile quickly faded when Charles look angry at the kind little man.
After the man left, flowers, ice sculptures and many other things arrived. Juliet was confused. ‘The ball is tonight?’ Yes dear. Her mother replied. She had a red chin. Was there something of that conversation she didn’t hear?
Time went very fast. Juliet took a loooooong shower.  Did her hair, put perfume and some makeup on.  And finally. The dress! Guests stareted to come. This dance was all about finding Juliet a man who was interested in her and father thought was good enough for her.
When Juliet was all done, she walked downstairs too meet her friends cousins, grandparents.

While she talked to her friend a very handsome, goos looking guy came up to Juliet and asked for a dance. She blushed and said yes.They were dancing and dancing. It’s rahter warm in here, should we take a walk in your beautiful garden, Juliet? Juliet could feel that her parents were watching her. Yes, but  I didn’t get your name? She asked. ‘Romeo.’
They walked outside and had a very good time. Juliet! Come back in now! Her father yelled. Romeo took her hand and they ran further away so her father couldn’t find them. Romeo looked straight in her breath taking eyes. He moved closer and closer. Juliet knew she would get in trouble for doing this, but she couldn’t stop hersleft. They kissed. Long and passionate. 
I must go Romeo! My father is looking for me. Juliet said. Romeo didn’t want her to go. But wait! Will I ever see you again  Juliet knew that it was almost impossible. I.. I don’t know. My father won’t let me marry a man by my choice. I’m sorry Romeo. A tear fell down her chin. It’s okay Juliet.
 We can meet here each other here every night. Juliet was happy. This is my man she thought. She ran home laughing. So very happy.
Her her parents didn’t know anything about he kiss, until a few days later.  Her mother came up to her room. Hello Juliet. She said. Can I ask you something? Sure, Juliet said. She was scared.
What happend at the dance with than boy you ran of with? Her mother didn’t sound angry, so Juliet told her everything. Mother! I’m so happy with him, you can’t separate us. Please mother!
Juliet got an odd answer. My dear. It warms my heart to see how happy you are with him. I won’t tell your dad and I won’t separate you. If you plan to run away withhim, let me know. I’m not saying i’m okay with it, but let me know. Juliet hugged her mother. Thank you mother! Thank you so much.
Her father opend the door. He was so angry. His face was read and his body was shaking.
You are both planing this behind my back? And this Romeo? Is he a nice boy? I don’t think so. Juliet you will marry a man by my chocie. Just learn to live with it. And Adia? What is this? You betrayed me? You dirty little skank! You are never to do that again. Ever! Are we cleare girls?
Juliet and her mother where shaking. Y-e-yes.
Night after night Juliet and Romeo met in they’re garden. Romeo save me,they try to tell me how to feel! This love is difficult, but it’s real! we’ll make it out of this mess! Juliet said.  Romeo didn’t respond.  What’s wrong? Juliet asked. Oh it’s nothing it’s just..Juliet I won’t be able to visit  you for a while. I have some things to take care of. Romeo said, kissed her goodbye and left. Juliet was broken. Why would he leave me like that?
While Romeo was gone, her father found a husband for her. Juliet didn’t think Romeo would ever come back for her. She thought he had left here ther, alone.After not seeing Romeo for a month, she strated to realize that he wasn’t comming back. One day while Juliet sat on the porch looking out to forrest, she saw someone.  Who could that be? She asked herself. As the person came closer she saw who it was. Romeo? It couldn’t be. When he came even closer she saw that it was him. The love of her life. They ran twords each other and they kissed. Her parents stood on the porch. Juliet said to him: ‘Romeo save me I've been feeling so alone. I kept waiting for you,but  I thought you’d never come. I don't know what to think.
Then suddenly, Romeo knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring
and said, marry me Juliet, you'll never have to be alone! I love you and that’s all I really know. I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress Juliet. Juliet was freaking out. Is this real? My dad gave you permission? Yes he did. Juliet yelled of joy. Yes I will marry you, she said with tears streaming down her chin.

And that’s how me and your mother met.  All three children said: Again dad! Again!

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