The One

Lucy Dale moves from sunny California to rainy old England after her mums new husband gets a job as a tour manager. She moves in with her dad who she hasn't seen in 6 years. Whilst there she meets a mysterious boy called Samuel Mayton. She finds herself falling for him, but Samuel has a secret he doesn't want shared.


1. chapter 1

"you make me feel like im so special. you make me feel like im the only girl in the world" I whispered into his ear

"Thats because you are. You're the only girl in the world i could ever love" he replied slowly whilst he played with my hair

"why us?" I asked

"What do you mean?" he replied

"Why us. Why are we like this. we seem to have the perfect relationship yet we fight like we do? why do we say all this stuff to eachother but never mean it? Why do we do it?"

"Its simple Lucy. Love" He replied whilst he stared at me. i looked ito his eyes and saw his soul. It was so unclear though

"But its crazy" I protested

"But thats what makes us, us. This crazy little thing called love." He replied. We stared at eachother. Neither of us dared to look away, yet neither of us knew what to say. I stared into his eyes and he stared into mine. I was mesmirised by the deepness and lovingness of his eyes. How they were filled with so much passion and lust, but also how they were filled with kindness and loved. The bright emerald green reflected his bright, happy personality whilst his jet black hair reflected his passion and the side of him I rarely ever saw. The black represented mystery which suited him well. I thought she knew everything there was to know about him yet there still remained a side to him as unknown to me as if i had never met him before.

"Why do you have to be so mysterious. You'll be perfectly happy and the Josh i fell in love with, but ten you'll change. You end up being this total stranger. You show no interest in me and make me feel like im worthless. Then just as i give up hope you're you again. Why do i forgive you?" He turned to me

"Im sorry Lucy. I love you with all my heart, i truly do, but theres a side to me you cannot know. not until i know you're ready"

"But i am ready. I love you and you can trust me. I'm ready to know whatever if it makes you love me more." I protested

"im sorry lucy, but you're not ready and if im honest i dont think you ever will be." he replied calmly. He got up and went to leave

"Where are you going?" I asked. he turned back to me and i saw a single tear escape his eyes

"We can't be together Lucy. I thought i could make this work but i reliase that you're not safe when you're with me. I love you Lucy" He said and he walked out the door. He closed it behind him and walked off. I heard the front door slam. I sat there on my bed staring at the ceiling. How could he do this to me. I ran out the house and tried to shout, no words came out. He was nowhere to be seen. I sat on the ground and cried. Tears rolled down my cheeks and fell softly onto the ground. My mum came and sat besides me

"Hunny it's okay" She said putting her arm around me and pulling me in for a hug.

"He's really gone" i wept into her shoulder

"I know baby, I don't know if this is the right time to say this but Michaels got a job." She replied

"Thats great mum, what is it?" i asked. michaels my stepdad. Him and my mum got together 10 years ago when i was just 6. They married about 2 years ago and although Michaels not actually my dad he treats me like his daughter

"Well he's become a manager for a band thats currently touring. It means we'll be moving around alot and we dont want your schol life to be interupted so i've talked to your dad and he's agreed that its okay for you to go live with him in England." She replied. My face fell. its not that i didn't like my dad. it's just i havent seen him since i was 10 when me, mum and michael moved from England to California.

"Its fine mum, when am i leaving?" i asked

"2 weeks, im gonna miss you so much lucy"

"i'll miss you to mum but its for the best. we can call everyday" I said trying to comfort her.

"I know baby but i'll still miss you like mad." she said.


The next two weeks flew by and before i knew it i was stepping off a plane at Gatwick airport. I went into the airport to find my dad standing there.

"You've changed Lucy. You dont have braces and your hairs, you know. longer." I couldnt hlp but smile

"yeah well i havent seen you in 6 years. Course i've changed" I followed him to his car and silently got in. We drove for a while and the car ride was silent. Not akward silent, but nobody knew what to say, silent. We pulled up at my dads house in Chelmsford. Its a city in the county of Essex. Its quite big but from what i can remember people generally kept to themselves. There was a boy waiting there.

"Hi im Josh" he said as i got out the car. I flinched when i heard the name Josh. I havent heard from him since the day we broke up. Apparently he moved away

"Lucy" i replied

"Well i'm your new neighbour" he said

"nic to meet you, i would stay and chat but i've got unpacking to do. i'll speak to you later maybe" i said as i carried boxes of my stuff inside. I went up to my room. I havent been in here for 6 years and it hasnt changed at all.

"ill um leave you to get on with it" my dad said leaving the room. I think he finds it weird that i've grown up. I'm quite happy that hes gone though. I kinda just need time to myself.


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