Brooke Marlowe is 14. She has been 14 for 5 years. She has been born into a family who cannot die. In the Marlowe family you could be any age before you stop growing.
Brooke has to take year nine over and over again and she's sick of it. Her little brother is older than her and the family have to move again but this time Brooke doesn't want to go. She's found love.


3. Chloe

I walk out of the school gates and find him there. Josh. His eyes are venomous and the smile he displays doesn't meet his eyes. I continue towards him hands in my pockets, head held high. I smile at him contemptuously. He raises an eyebrow in a warning glance. I roll my eyes and we set off home. 

"Good day little sis?" He smiles properly now. Not kindly though. Inside he's laughing at me. I know he is.

"Shut up Josh." I fake cough a swear word making my point. He cuffs me round the head.

The rest of the walk remains silent. We are both fuming. 

I hate him. I hate him. I hate him!


When we get home I go straight to my room. No point staying for the usual chat. I've done it for four years and dad doesn't listen any more. 

I flop onto my bed letting my phone ring three times before answering. It's Chloe, an old friend. My closest. We went to the same infant school together and we stayed together until year nine. Until I stopped growing up. I miss her and we always talk to each other when we can. She has just started her second year at college. I can't see her now. It's us too obvious that I'm only 14. It's too dangerous. I hate it. 

I pick up the phone and we imidiately start chatting and laughing. 

I miss her. I want to be with her in college. But I can't. I'm stuck as a stupid 14 year old and I'll never see Chloe again. It makes me want to cry. 

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