Hazzybear and Sammybear....


2. The better kiss

Harry's POV 


She likes me. I know it. I chased her to get her phone. I pinned her to the coug and kissed her sloppily. Woops. She walked off but I ran to her and gave her my beanie. I wanted to kiss her again but she was gone. I sighed. I had to get the boys out of the house for the night. I went to the kitchen where everyone was. " Guys I kissed her...Badly. I need you guys to..." "Leave for the night so you can make a better move on her? Sure!" Lou interrupted. He grabbed his keys and dragged the boys out. Well then..I went upstairs to find Sam. I knocked on her door. "Hold on." She said. She opened the door 2 minutes later. I smiled. She was brushing her hair. "Come in?" I walked in. There were 1D posters everywhere.  There was lipsticked kiss marks on all of the posters of just me. She blushed and tore them down. "That was uh....yeah...that." She said and I bursted out laughing. I fell on the floor. Her cheeks were bright red. "Stop laughing. It's not funny." "No it's cute. You have a wittle crush on me." Her cheeks got more red. I stopped laughing and got up. I walked over to her and used two fingers to lift her chin. She looked in my eyes. "We'll I think it's cute." "No it's embarrassing. I know you don't like me back." "What if I said I did?" I smiled and kissed her. It wasn't sloppy. But more passionate. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I put my hands gently on her waist. It went on for what seem for a shirt time, but I think it was about 45 minutes.

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