Hazzybear and Sammybear....


1. Romance start

Sams POV 


I've been friends with Harry for a long time. Lately I've been thinking of him as more then a friend. "Hmm ill keep your secret." I turned around and saw Niall and Liam. I blushed. Woops. "Yeah buddy.." Niall said. "Ima shut up." Harry came in. "Shut up about what.?" He asked. "Oh same likes..." I tackled Niall. I pinned him to the ground. "Shut up." "About what?" Harry asked again. "Oh.." I got up and walked up to him. "Just the guy I like. I got a text. It was from Liam.

-tell him


"tell who what?" Harry looked over at my phone.

-I'm not tell him that I like him.


"who do you like?" 

"No one??" I said lying terribly. He tried grabbing my phone but I ran. He chased after me. I jumped on the couch and he tackled me.  He pinned me to the couch. He looked me in the eyes. Suddenly everything slowed down. He leaned in but then Lou walked in. "Harry and Sam sittin in a tree. K I S S I N G. First comes love. Then comes marriage. "SHUT UP LOU!!!!!" Harry and I said in unison. He walked out. Harry looked at me. "So who's it about?" "A guy...." "Who?" "I'm not telling you. It's too..." And he kissed me. It was sloppy. But a little sweet. He pulled back. "Not you. That was gross." I pushed him off and walked away laughing. Then some thing went on my head. I took it off. It was Harry's beanie. I looked at Him. "Keep it." I smiled and walked off

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