Life After Death


Tori was only sixteen when the fatal accident happened.
Life after death is not what she expected, but she will never get her life back.

If death is like this, prepare yourself for the worst.


2. The Day Of The Accident

If only it had stayed as nice and peacful as Tori had thought it was going to be.

Because the snowfall was so heavy, the day outside the window was mostly dark and grey, but Tori didn't, she turned on the light and watched some films.

"Hi, Tori!" Tori's mum said over the phone. "I'm going to be home very late tonight, around 11pm, because a few of us from the office are going out for dinner and a drink, dont wait up honey, love you."

Tori didnt mind, her plan was simple. She would invite two of her friends over until 10pm, then she would watch re-runs of old 'Friends' episodes.

It was 3pm, Sarah and Cassidy arrived from the cold, in their pyjamas at Tori's house. They dragged themselves upstairs, in slippers and covered in snow, then into her bedroom.

"Hey girl! Haven't seen you since schools been off, missed you Tori," Sarah said.

"We brought something!" yelled Cassidy, and from the large pocket at the front of her red onesie, she produced a bottle of vodka.

"Thank god! Mum hasnt let me had a sip of anything since prom, remember..." Tori said.

The three girls sat on Tori's bed, taking large gulps of the cold bottle, soon enough, they begun to lose sense and became more and more woozy.

"You know Brandon from tech? I love him," Tori spilled out.

"Oh my god!" cried Sarah.

"That is just..." Cassidy left her sentence hanging.

At around 9pm, the lights in the house started to flicker. Soon the house went black, the streetlights outside went black, and it felt as if the world had turned into a dark hole.

The girls screamed, but then it didn't bother them much as they were drunk.

"I know, I will get some candles," Tori said, calmy.

Within minutes, Tori, Sarah and Cassidy all had a large candle in their hands, the wax dripping onto the floor.

"Right, wheres the drink?" Tori asked.

Cassidy felt around in the darkness, and soon the bottle of vodka was back with the girls.

"Thank you," Tori said quickly, and threw back her head as she poured the drink down her throat.

Suddenly, she tripped.

The drink flew out of her hand, the candle flew out her hand. Sarah and Cassidy dropped their candles trying to pick up Tori.

The vodka spilled onto the flame.


Burning. Screaming. Blood. Death.

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