Laura Spontel and the Flower of Truth

There are Four Oaks, from the Oak of Peace. The Flower of Truth, Candle of Friendship, Frame of Justice, and Teapot of Life Balance. Except, the Black-Eyed Susan wants unlimited power, if she can control the Four Oaks, all is lost for Anna Spontel and the rest of the Wizarding World.


3. The Letter's Contents

Laura ripped open the letter. Anna screeched,

"Don't open it! It might be a bomb."

Laura at Anna incredulously. "Seriously? A bomb?" 

"I heard something like that happened in America, to the president."

"It didn't get there." Laura said, "Don't you watch the world news."

"How would I know that if I didn't?"

"Terrible point."




Laura groaned. She looked at the letter. A minute later, she laughed. 

"What a prank." An owl flew into the window.

"Oh!" Laura exclaimed. "Poor owl!" And rushed over. A letter was strapped to its foot. She unhooked it and read it. White-faced she looked at Anna. She raised the letter, showing it's contents.

"It's not a prank."

Anna's face went white.

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