Laura Spontel and the Flower of Truth

There are Four Oaks, from the Oak of Peace. The Flower of Truth, Candle of Friendship, Frame of Justice, and Teapot of Life Balance. Except, the Black-Eyed Susan wants unlimited power, if she can control the Four Oaks, all is lost for Anna Spontel and the rest of the Wizarding World.


2. Laura Spontel

Anna Spontel sat on her staircase and stared at a mirror. A smaller girl came down from behind her poked her in the shoulder.

"Laura!" Anna turned to her. "Why did you do that?"

"I thought would be able to see me in the mirror," She said and placed her hands on her hips.

"Don't be childish."

"We're the same age."

Anna hesitated, "It doesn't matter."

Laura looked at Anna, "Sure it doesn't." She walked down the rest of the stairs. Anna stared after her. She got up and followed her to the table, there were letters on the table. One was addressed to Anna and one was addressed to Laura. Laura grabbed her letter first.

"What?" She said looking at the address, she flipped it over, "This is too specific." Anna grabbed hers.

"Whoa," She said. Staring at the address, Laura stepped toward Anna.

"How could someone know I am on the Second Floor Right Second Bedroom?" 

"I..I don't know Laura." Anna said. Laura peeked over Anna's shoulder.

"How does someone know--"

"I don't know!" Anna snapped at Laura who recoiled. "Sorry Laura. I'm confused."

"It's ok." Laura pouted.

"Stop it Laura."

Laura glared.

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