Laura Spontel and the Flower of Truth

There are Four Oaks, from the Oak of Peace. The Flower of Truth, Candle of Friendship, Frame of Justice, and Teapot of Life Balance. Except, the Black-Eyed Susan wants unlimited power, if she can control the Four Oaks, all is lost for Anna Spontel and the rest of the Wizarding World.


4. A Witch? Isn't that Halloween?

Anna smiled,

"It's alright," She said. "It is a prank."

"A super really elaborate perfectly timed prank!" Laura exclaimed. "We're witches!"

"Isn't that Halloween?"

"Not in this case!"

"Stop shouting!" 

"I've only shouted twice!"

"Well your continuing!"

"I don't care!"

"Well you should!"

"BE QUIET!" Their neighbor shouted.

"SORRY!" The screamed. 

"Be quiet." Anna said.

"I was!"

"Your shouted it again."

Laura groaned. 

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