Fan Imagines

These are Imagines about various people, some are what i want to happen with celebs and some are about real people.
Comment below if u want an imagine with your name and a person
ok bye!!! i hope you like them


2. Zayn- for Tyler

 Imagine one day, your walking does the streets of Branford when Zayn Malik walks up to you and says sorry to bother you but I couldn't help but notice your beautiful smile and all the bags your holding, do you need any help? You reply sure. He says perfect and you start walking together. Then he turns to you and says so what's your name? You reply, Tyler and you guys attomatically hit it off! For the next 2 months you guys continue to hang out then he asks you will you be his girlfriend? You reply YES YES YES!! Then after about 10 months of dating and moving in together he walks into the living room and says honey, I have something bad to say, I have to go back on tour. As he starts to cry, you grab his neck and pull him into your shoulder and say its going to be ok and I have something to say too, I'm pregnant! He gets up wipes his tears and says I have an idea!!! You can come on tour with me and I can take care of you and the baby! We can be a big happy family and Niall, Louis, Liam and Harry can help us out! Maybe even Perrie and Elenor can help us too!! He then sits down next to you again and you look at him with a sad face and say I-I-I don't know if I c-c-can, well maybe under one condition YOU HELP NAME BABY! He smiles at you an says I thought you were going to say no! And yes yes yes I will definitely help you all the way!! Then at that moment that you hug he whole 1D crew and girlfriend walks in and says you guys can only come on your if his or her nickname can be Bradford bad boy/girl!!! They were listening the whole time! Then you all join in, in a big group hug!



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