Fan Imagines

These are Imagines about various people, some are what i want to happen with celebs and some are about real people.
Comment below if u want an imagine with your name and a person
ok bye!!! i hope you like them


1. Niall

 Imagine waking up to the smell of fluffy pancakes, bacon and freshly squeezed orange juice. You get out of bed wash your face and put on your silky robe. Then you walk done the stairs and see Niall cooking at the stove wearing nothing but shorts. That when you walk over to him, take the spatula from his hand, put it on the counter, turn the stove off and kiss him on the lips. He starts kissing you back and then your hands start rubbing up and down his body making him do the same. He unties your robe and lets it drop to the floor, then you run upstairs and he quickly follows. You stop at the top of the stairs and he grabs you and brings you in close to him. Then he walks with you holding you wedding style, he opens the bedroom door and throughs you on the bed. He gets on top of you and starts kissing your sweet spot on your next. You start to moan in pleasure so he sucks harder. Then you slide his shorts off and you flip him over and start kissing him. He starts making you rock back and forth making you pant. He starts to go faster then you want to say stop its too much pressure but you don't because it feels so good and you want it to continue. But then he says it to much, you say yes just for a little, just a little kissing for now is that ok? He says anything for you then you lay out on the bed and he just stares at you wide open and you cant hold back so you pull him by his neck and start kissing his neck and his rock solid abs then you start grabbing and rubbing his back. He slides away from you and get some oil, then he starts running your stomach. Then you sit up and he rubs your back then starts kissing you, just then Olivia, your daughter walks in and says mommy I'm ready for breakfast! 



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