Fan Imagines

These are Imagines about various people, some are what i want to happen with celebs and some are about real people.
Comment below if u want an imagine with your name and a person
ok bye!!! i hope you like them


3. Louis - for Nat

 Imagine seeing the love of your life, Louis Tomlinson on the day that your looking just right and you smell like a bouquet of flowers. As he walks into Starbucks you soon follow, not only because you want Louis but because you also love Carmel frappes and they taste good. He luckily the person infront of you, he ordered a coffee and then you ordered your frappe and he turns around and says aww I should of got that!! You say haha u can still order one! It's ok! He said ok, can I have one of those the cashier says sure just one second. He gets his frappe and turns to you and says thanks for helping me um get this! It's god and I missed getting these all the time, I've been on tour for so long I forgot to get one anyway since you seem like a nice girl how about I pay for you and we can hang out today. You say you really don't have to pay for me but we can hang out! He replys no please It's my treat and I really want to! You keep saying no I'm a very independent person I would like to do this on my own! Thank you though. Then you reach behind your back and look into your purse and while your not looking he grabs money from his pocket and gives it to the cashier. As you look up with the money in your hand and see that he payed for you he grabs your hang and you guys run into the sunset. He turns to you and gets down on one knee and you look at him and says OMG we just met!! He looks up and says no!!! I wasn't proposing to you I just wanted to know if you would come to California with me for a week or so and we could go on a date maybe? You say yes! And he gets up and hugs you! 

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