Fan Imagines

These are Imagines about various people, some are what i want to happen with celebs and some are about real people.
Comment below if u want an imagine with your name and a person
ok bye!!! i hope you like them


4. Louis - For Breanna

 Imagine waking up next to Louis Tomlinson, who has been your husband for over five years. He says Hi Breanna baby, how was last night? Hard and fast enough for you? Then you reply No not at all! I think we should go again. You stare into his eyes and just when you think he's going to talk he jumps on top of you and starts kissing your neck! You start moaning then he takes the sheet from you and you do the same, you both lay there naked and then he goes in and out in out. you start panting and he makes your legs fly into the air. you scream faster faster faster! Louis says ok but tell me if i hurt you honey bear!! you reply ok haha umm puppy face! just go!!!! He starts going then he holds on to the head board and he starts swerving on you! You start panting faster and your getting really sweaty, you just wish he could faster but you know that it would hurt like hell, you know that he could only go in so far. That moment when you thought he couldnt go on any further he does and you orgasm. It made you bend your neck back and arch your back and moan so loud the neighbors started banging on the walls and said stop screaming! That only made Louis go faster and the head board started banging into the wall making more noise. Then the neighbors you guys kept going then all of a sudden you hear sirens. Then banging n the door and for once its not you and louis doing all the banging. Louis stops, but on a robe and answers the was a cop. He said that he got a call saying that we were being loud, he wanted to know what happened being that it was 7:30. For some reason louis went outside to talk to him. After about 5 minutes he came back in, i could hear him coming up the stairs. i heard him saying that he didnt give us a warning. You just stayed there and layed in the bed, when he got into the bed you say lets just take a little break until tonight. Now lets get some sleep until Lyssa wakes up, your daughter. Then you both say goodnight well goodmorning.


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