If you can't hang

I got this idea from the Movellas website itself. They are having a competition where you pick a song from a selected list and write a story to kind of go with the words to the song. I thought it was a pretty cool idea and wanted to do it, but I'm not in anyway entering in the competition. I just thought it was a cool idea to do since this is my first story.


3. Meeting For The First Time

( Kellin's POV)


I was behind the counter at Starbucks bored out of my mind. There was absolutely nobody here and I still had 1 hour until I could go home. I know what you're probably thinking. If you don't like your job, why don't you just quit? Well I would but there aren't very many jobs available and I'm only 17. I have to get my own money somehow. The bell that was on top of the entrance door dinged signaling that somebody had entered the store. I looked to my left and laid eyes on the most beautiful girl ever. She had brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair went down to her shoulders and she looked like a shy girl. She walked up to the counter. I smiled at her and said "Welcome to Starbucks, what would you like beautiful?" She blushed and said "A strawberries and creme frappuccino please." I turned around and made the frappuccino and handed it to her and said "I'll pay for it beautiful, as long as you promise to stay here until I get off of work so I can get to know you more." She grabbed the drink and smiled and said "Ok. I guess it wouldn't hurt. You seem like a really cool guy."


~One hour later~


I finally got off a work and couldn't wait to get to know this beautiful girl even more. I walked over to where she was sitting and sit across from her in the booth she was sitting in. "Hi gorgeous, I didn't get your name earlier." She replied with "Hi. My name is Lexi. What's your name?" "That's such a beautiful name. My name is Kellin." She smiled and said "That's a unique name, but I really like it. By the way, you're a really sweet guy." I winked and said "I try my best. Why haven't I seen you around before?" She laughed and said "I don't really get out that much. I moved into my own house a month ago and just got settled in." "Well, maybe I could show you around sometime." She smiled and said "Yeah, that sounds good. I can officially say you're my first friend." I grabbed both of her hands and said "I glad I'm your first friend. You're a really sweet girl and any guy would be lucky to have you." She smiled and blushed then said "I'm glad I met you too and I'm sorry to cut this amazing conversation short but I have to go. It's getting really late and I hate walking alone in the dark." We both got up at the same time and I said "Well let me walk you home. I would hate for anything to happen to you." She gasped and said "Really? You would do that for me?" I said "Yeah. I just want to get to know you better and keep you safe." She grabbed my hand and said "Ok. Let's go." I closed the store considering that I was the only worker there and we walked. I got to learn a lot more about her. We walked for about 15 minutes and we finally arrived at her house. She said "Well thanks for walking me home. It was really kind of you." I smiled and said "You're welcome and I'd walk you home anytime. It was really no problem." She was about to turn the door to do into her house when I grabbed her wrist. She turned back around and had a confused look on her face. I said "Can I get your number. I know we just met and all, but I would like to hang out with you sometime and show you around." She handed me her phone so I could put my number in it and vice virsa. She said "Well it was really nice meeting you and I hope to see you around. Feel free to text me anytime. I'll be free." I laughed and said "I'll text you tomorrow. Goodnight beautiful." She smiled and said "Goodnight Kellin." She walked into her house and I walked home. It was about a 10 minute walk. I got home and laid down in my bed and went to sleep with a smile on my face.


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