If you can't hang

I got this idea from the Movellas website itself. They are having a competition where you pick a song from a selected list and write a story to kind of go with the words to the song. I thought it was a pretty cool idea and wanted to do it, but I'm not in anyway entering in the competition. I just thought it was a cool idea to do since this is my first story.


1. Author's Note!!

So before I start this story, I just wanted to let you know what you can expect. First of all, this story is a fan fiction that involves Kellin Quinn! Anyway, it's based on his band (Sleeping with Sirens) song called If You Can't Hang. I will be posting the lyrics to this song soon so that you can kind of understand how I came up with some of the ideas that I did. I'm writing a story to go with the song. I hope you like it and have fun as much fun reading it as I have writing it for you guys. Kellin IS NOT FAMOUS in this story.  

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