forever's gonna start tonight

All Wilma want is a perfect summer vacation with her friends. But when her parents dicides to go on a holiday to Greece, Wilmas plans chance. But Wilma dosen´t want to go to greece, especially not with her boring parents. Instead Wilma go to her grandmother who lives in Cheshire/England, and she promised that she will help her grandmother with the bakery she works in. But Wilma dosen´t expect to meet someone. Someone that will mean the world for her.

It´s a fanfiction about true love.


5. Strawberry war

Nialls POV.

 I woke up to hear someone screaming. It´s probably Louis who stuck with his finger in the mail slot again. I turned around to look at the beautiful girl who should still be sleeping, but she wasn`t in bed. I pulled on my sweatpants and a black T-shirt and went downstairs to go find Wilma. Liam met me in the hall at the first floor. You also heard Louis scream? I asked him. Yeah, I thought he might be stuck in the mail slot again, so I went up to help him. Liam said with a grin. So do I,I said and we started walk down the stairs. But where´s Wilma? Liam asked. I don´t know. She´s maybe in the kitchen or something. We reached the end of the stairs and we saw Louis at the end of the hall,sitting on his haunches at the door with his finger in the mail slot. Guys, how nice to see ya again! Slept well? Louis asked looking at me and Liam. I get the butter! Liam said with a sigh and went into the kitchen. I went up to Louis and opend the door. Be careful Niall! I don´t want to lose my finger! Louis yelled at me as I opened the door. Big chance I said and laughed.  Why do ya put your fingers through the mail slot if ya know ya will be stuck? Cause I want to see if the thick letters can get through it. What did Ya find out then? That the thick letters can make it trough the mail slot, but not get back! Louis said. Here´s the butter! Liam said and handed it to me. Thank Ya! Louis said and started rub the butter package  against his fingers and the mail slot. I helped him with his fingertips wich was on the other side of the door. After trying to get free of the mail slot in just over 5 minutes, he finally managed to break free and all three sat on the couch in the sitting room. Where`s Harry? Liam asked and looked at Louis. I don´t know, he must be awake because he wasn`t in bed when I woke up. And I can´t find Wilma. I said. I began to feel a bit worried about her. Both of them looked at me and then at eachother. 


Wilmas POV

 I laughed. Harry was a fun guy I thought.

                                                             - One hour earlier- 6.30am

I woke up early this morning. To early to wake Niall, so I decided to take a walk. But when I reached the door I heard Harrys raspy voice. 

- Going somewhere? 

- Just going to take a walk. And You? What are you up to this early in the morning?

- I can´t sleep. Can I join in?

- Sure!

 Harry told me about him and the rest of the boys morning routines. Zayn is so tired all the time and he could sleep all day if he could, Liam is the one who often prepares the breakfast. Louis allways says that he can make breakfast to but Liam don´t let him because then Louis orders some pizza. Liam usally wake up around 9am - 9.30am and Louis so. Niall wake up diffrent times, depending on how late he goes to bed and if he´s drunk or not. And I, I´m like Niall, Harry says and I started to laugh at the last part. Harry showed me around in the nighborhood and we walked to the supermarket to get some breakfast. We went back to the house with the grocery bags in our hands. Harry would just open the door when he stopped. I think Louis have been stuck with his finger in the mail slot again, Harry said. What? I said with a smile. Yeah, there´s butter on the mail slot. That means that Louis have been stuck with his finger in it, Harry laughed and went inside. I followed him and shut the door behind me. Harry carried the grocery bags into the kitchen and I took of my shoes. Wilma! where have Ya been!? Niall yelled and ran over to me. He gave me a huge hug and didn`t let me go. I was just taking a walk with Harry to the supermarket. I said and interrupted the hug. I looked into that beautiful blue eyes. I saw he´ve been worried. I gave him a long kiss that lasting for 2 minutes. He smiled and carried me into the kitchen. I find her! Niall said and kissed me again. Good, I was afraid you never come back because Niall was so annoying while you were gone, Liam said with a cheeky smile. What do you mean with annoying? Niall said and put me down. You know, You were so worried about Wilma that you didn`t notice that you fiddled with my hair all the time! So annoying.,Liam laughed. I love the way that Niall fiddling with my hair, I said with a smirk. Yeah, but my hair isn´t that long as yours, Liam said and we laughed.

So, what´s the plan for today? Louis said with his mouth full of toast.  I´m going to take Wilma out today. Niall said.

-As a date? Liam asked with a smirk. 

- Yeah, a date. Do you want to come with me on a date to Liam?

-  Yeah, why not! I can Imagine we two holding hands on the beach with a sandwich in our hands! 

- Oh shut up Liam! That`s not even romantic!  Niall laughed and took my hand. Let´s leave these geeks. I took a sip of my orange juice and followed Niall. We went up stairs to change. I took a shower and put on some new clothes. A pair of black jeans shorts, a white T-shirt and a pink Hollister hoodie. These clothes was Zayns sisters old clothes that he gave to me, cause I´ve just got the same clothes I´ve had for days now. The shorts and the Hoodie was way to big for me, but they was good enough. I put my long, blond hair in a high bun and went out from the bathroom. 

When I shut the door behind me, I noticed that Niall was stiring at me. I went up to him and spun around to show him the clothes.

- I promise that we will go shopping after our date later! Niall said and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. The kiss ended and nodded at him. Then we went out to the car.



 I opened the car door for her and she laughed. She jumped into the car and I jumped in to the driver`s seat. Were are we going on our date? She giggled and looked at me as I backed the car out of the driveway. You will see, I said and kissed her lips. I was the luckiest man on the planet, I thought as I turned onto the gravel road. We stoped outside a large farm. 

Hi, Niall! How nice to see ya again! Bobb shouted. He was standing on the farmhouse roof and waved at me. He probably fixed the roof or something like that, I thought. Hi Bob! Do Ya mind if we pick some strawberries!?

- No problem! Pick as much strawies as Ya want! 

- Thanks Bob!

I picked out a basket from the trunk and grabbed Wilmas hand. She looked around and saw a cow. Oh, I want to pat it! she said and pulled me to it. Do ya like cows, I laughed and wrapped my arms around her. No, not really. she said. Now i couldn´t stop laughing. So why do Ya want to pat it? Cause I´ve never pat a cow before. I could tell on her voice she was serious. So pat it then, her name is Rosa. How do ya know her name? I´ve been here before with the guys, I know the guy who owns the farm. Oh, she said and patted the cow on its mule.It wasn´t that cozy as i imagined but...  But what?, I asked still laughing at her. But...I want some strawberries she said giggling. I laughed at her, grabbed her hand and we started to walk against the huge strawberrie fields. We picked some strawberries and ate a lot of it. We filled the basket and ate some more. Hey, Niall look! I´ve found the biggest strawberrie in the world! Wilma said and I looked up at her. Just as I looked at her, she threw a handfull of mashed strawberries in my face. Mmm....Yummy I said and licked my mouth. She laughed in that way only Wilma can and she had to bend down on all four. After a minute of laughing she finally fetched the breath. I picked a strawberrie and threw it on her.

-Why do we always throw things at eachother!? 

- I don´t know!

she picked a hand full strawberries and threw it on me. With that she started a big strawberrie fight. It flew strawberries in the air and we were red from top to toe.



 Niall wrestled me down to the ground and sat on top of me. You are even more beautiful when your covered with strawberries, he said. I don´t belive ya! He smirked and leand in and kissed me. Belive me now? Maybe, I giggled. Niall stood up and helped me up. He grabbed the basket in his right hand my hand in his other. Now we get ya some new clothes. We went up to the car and he put the basket in the backseat.

Did Ya find any strawberries? We heard a mans voice ask us.

- Yeah there´s alot of them, Niall said. It was Bob he talked to.

So...Niall, Is this your new girlfriend?

I looked up at him and he looked down at me.

- Yeah, It is. 

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