forever's gonna start tonight

All Wilma want is a perfect summer vacation with her friends. But when her parents dicides to go on a holiday to Greece, Wilmas plans chance. But Wilma dosen´t want to go to greece, especially not with her boring parents. Instead Wilma go to her grandmother who lives in Cheshire/England, and she promised that she will help her grandmother with the bakery she works in. But Wilma dosen´t expect to meet someone. Someone that will mean the world for her.

It´s a fanfiction about true love.


4. London


 I woke up cause It was too bright in the room. Nialls arms were wraped around me and I looked up at him. God morning sunshine, he said. Slept well? Yeah quite, but I´m starving. I said. He laughed, Your always hungry , right? I laughed and started to mess with his hair. Hey,hey,hey, stop It! he laughed and held my hand against his chest. Then I noticed he was shirtless. I stepped out of bed and took my clothes lying on a chair. Hey, were ya going? He asked. Well, I can´t eat breakfast in just a tank top and briefs, I answered and went into the bathroom. I took a shower and got dressed. I put my hair in a messy bun and went out of the bathroom. Niall was still lying in bed. Isn`t ya ready yet? I asked him. No, not really, he said and smiled. So get your ass out of the bed then, I`m starving here! I said. He laughed and went up to me. He was just wearing his pants. Damn sexy, I said with a cheeky smile. He laughed and leand in to kiss me. I know, he said and pulled on a pair of grey sweatpants and a white T-shirt. Let`s go and find something to eat, he said and took my hand in his.




 We went down to the dining area for breakfast. Harry and Bill waited for us in the lobby. We ate and It was so good. My plate was full of Pancakes and strawberries. Then I saw Wilma steal a pancake from my plate. Oh oh, Harry said and looked at Wilma. You shouldn`t have done that, I said and looked at her. What are ya going to do? Wilma said with a smirk. When Zayn took a meatball from Niall, He woke up with a mustache and glue all over his face, Harry told her. Oh, so I will wake up with a mustache and glue all over my face tomorrow? She asked sarcastic. Or worse, Harry said. I went up to her and she followed me with her eyes. I`m not scared of you! Wilma said with a uncertain look. She turned around to face me and I kissed her lips. You will regret that you took my pancake, I whispered in her ear and she laughed. We checked out from our hotel and went out to the car. I lifted my suitcase into the luggage and I would pick up Wilmas to, when i remembered that she haven´t got any suitcase. We have to buy you some new clothes and went into a hug. No, you don`t have to spend your money on me! she said. So, you are going to have these clothes all summer? Yeah....Maybe, she said and looked up into my eyes. But I`m not gonna let ya have these clothes, I said and gave her a looong kiss. Are you two ready to go? Harry shouted at us. We jumped into the car and we drove to London. Bill drived and Harry sat in the frontseat beside him. Wilma and I were sitting in the backseat. 





 Halfway, we stopped at a gas station, cause Harry had to visit a toilet and Niall needed some sweets. Some hours later we reached London. I was tiered and my ankel began to hurt. Bill dropped us of at Harrys place and drove away. All the guys is at Harrys place when we´re in London, Niall explained. I nodded and we went into the house. I was a bit scared, What if the other guys don`t accept me. Niall lay his arm around my waist and Harry opened the door.

Hi guys! Harry yelled and dropped his suitcase on the floor. Harry, darling! I heard someone answer and Louis came into the room and hugged him. Then he saw me standing there, close to Niall. And Niall have caught a girl!, He shouted and went up to us. He gave me a hug and presented himself, You must be Wilma, right? Yeah, Thats me In real person. I said and smiled. I looked up at Niall. I was a bit confused that Louis knew who I was.Louis laughed at me. Congrats Nialler, Ya have found a really funny girl there, he said and went back into the kitchen still laughing. We text eachother every night about news, Or 1D news as Louis calls it, Niall said to me as if he could read my mind. Then Liam and Zayn came running down the stairs. Wilma! Liam shouted and hugged me. Vas Happenin? Zayn asked and hugged me to. I didn`t even respond before the two of them were gone. Come with me, I will show you our room. Niall said and held my hand. Harrys house were SO big!  At the groundfloor there was a dining room, sitting room, family room, Kitchen, a gym, a utility room and a small bathroom. At the firstfloor there was 3 bedrooms and 2 big bathrooms. And at the secondfloor there was a big bedroom, a huge bathroom and a roof terrace. Me and Nialls bedroom is at the secondfloor, Liam and Zayn has separate rooms( cause Zayn snoores) and Harry and Louis share a bedroom. It was late and I was tiered. But first I have to eat something, I thoughed. Niall went into the bathroom to take a shower. Nialls phone started ringing and I picked It up. Louis;D the display said and I answered. Wilma, I said. FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD!! Louis sang on the other side of the phone. After his little song he ended the phone call with a mwah. I laughed at him and laid Nialls phone back on the bedside table. Who`s that? Niall asked while he came out from the bathroom. Lou, I said and looked into Nialls beautiful eyes. It`s food time. Oh good I´m starving! He said and put on a new pair of sweatpants. He kissed me and started to walk towards the stairs. Niall, you haven`t got any shirt. I said and laughed. I know, but I will spill on It anyway. I laughed and we went into the kitchen. Whats for dinner!? Niall asked still holding my hand while we sat down at the table. Pizza......again! Liam said a bit dissapointed. There`s nothing wrong with Pizza! Louis said as he sliced It. We ate and laughed. I offered to take the dish and Niall helped me while the other guys watched a movie. Wilma? Niall said. Yeah I answered and turned around to face him. He splashed water in my face and laughed hysterical. What was that for! I yelled at him but i couldn´t hide the smile on my lips. My revenge! Niall laughed and brought me into a hug. I laughed to and he kissed my forehead. What´s going on in there?! Harry shouted from the sitting room. We tries to look at the Lion king in here! Liam shouts. Sorry! I laughes and We ran upstairs to our room. I was tiered and I think Niall was to. We were getting prepeared for the night and laid in bed. I cuddled up Nialls warm,shirtless chest. And It didn`t take long time before I fell asleep in Nialls arms.

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