forever's gonna start tonight

All Wilma want is a perfect summer vacation with her friends. But when her parents dicides to go on a holiday to Greece, Wilmas plans chance. But Wilma dosen´t want to go to greece, especially not with her boring parents. Instead Wilma go to her grandmother who lives in Cheshire/England, and she promised that she will help her grandmother with the bakery she works in. But Wilma dosen´t expect to meet someone. Someone that will mean the world for her.

It´s a fanfiction about true love.


3. Hospital

                Wilmas POV

This morning was the same as the other. Grandma woke me up at 6.30, I get dressed and went downstairs to eat breakfast. The only diffrence was that I was taking a shower. After breakfast I jumped into the car and went to the bakery. I was happy cause I would see Harry and Niall today and they were really nice, especially Niall. Today you can be with your new friends, I can take care of the bakery, grandma said. Today would be great, I thought and smiled. When we came to the bakery, Harry,Niall and the camerateam were waiting  for us outside on the steps. It was cold outside and It started to rain. When we came into the bakery, the guys were cold so I made some tea for us. So what are we going to do today? I asked. I think we could learn eachother a bit more. Niall said and looked at me. And after that we maybe could talk about when Harry worked here, The cameraman said. Sounds great to me, I said and drank some of my tea. Some hours past and I told them about my self. The time started to reach lunch and we were just going to  see grandma whenshe came running into the room. Wilma, Grandpa is really sick and the ambulance has allready picked him up. I`m going to the hospital to see him. Can you lock the bakery for me please? I dosen`t know what to say I just nodded and she gave me the keys. Then sha drove to the hospital. Harry and the cameraman went out to the Kitchen to make some sandwiches. I was scared and started to cry.


               Nialls POV

 I saw she was crying, so I went up to her. I lifted her up and sat her on my lap. I hugged her and she lay her head on my chest. Shh,shh babe It`s gonna be okay, It´s gonna be okay. I said and hold her tight. She looked up at me and nodded. She laid her head back on my chest and I tried to calm her down. Then Harry and the cameraman came into the room. I nodded at them to leave the room , cause I wanted to talk to her alone. I hold heraway a bit and I looked into her eyes. Are ya okay? I asked. Yeah, she said and stopped crying. I`m just worried about him. she said. I know, I said and kissed her forehead. She smiled and hugged me. She was warm, to warm. Your hot, I said and held her cheeks in my hands. I`m actually freezing she said still hugging me. I lifted her up and put her on the chouch, I get a blancet and put it over her. I sat baside her on the chouch. I looked her in the eyes and leand in to kiss her.


Wilmas POV

 He pressed his soft lips against mine and It was the best 10 seconds in my life. He brushed through  my hair with his fingers and smiled. He hold me hand with his other hand and we talked about the movie. I´m going back to London tomorrow with Harry, Niall said and looked a bit upset. Yeah, I know, I said and looked away. Hey, Beautie look at me, He said and put his fingers on my chin. I looked at him,and I felt that I would start crying. I´m not gonna leave ya. I  tried to hold back the tears now, But you have to, I said  I`ll probably figure out a way to solve this.He kissed my lips again and went out to the kitchen to find Harry. I began to feel dizzy but I thought that It would be over soon. Babe, are ya hungry?, Niall shouted from the kitchen. Yeah a little, I answered. Could ya please take a loaf from the bakery with ya? He asked. Sure, I said and went up to the shelf behind the chasier. I couldn`t reach It, so I went for a chair. I found one in a corner of the bakery and put It under the shelf. The chair was old and rickety, but it would be good enough. I stood on the chair and reached for the loaf. I began to feel dizzy again and lost the balance. The rickety chair dissapeared under me and I fell to the floor.


Nialls POV

 "Bang!" the noise came from the bakery. I ran into to the bakery to see what caused the noise. When I came into the bakery, I find Wilma laying on the floor with a loaf next to her. Wilma! I yelled and took her hand. Wilma answer me please. A tear fell down my cheek. I lifted her head and laid it down in my lap.  I brushed her hair with my fingers as I love to do. Harry and the cameraman Bill ,came into the room. Harry ran over to wilmas side and held her hand that I held a minute ago. Bill ran back into the kitchen to call for a ambulance. She breathed but she was unconscious. Wilma, wilma I wispered in her ear. I leand in and kissed her lips. What happened? Harry asked me. I don`t know, I begged her to take a loaf with her into the kitchen so I could make some toasts. She was a bit warm so I think she was going to be sick, I said still looking at her. The door opened and two ambulance men ran into the bakery. They laid her on a stretcher and went out to the amublance. We have to go to the hospital, I said and went out to the car. Minutes later, Harry jumped into the car and I drove away. Bill promised that he will lock the bakery, Harry said as a try to calm me down. But actually I didn´t care. All I cared about was Wilma and that she was okay. I knew I didn´t belived in "love at first sight" but when I first saw Wilma, I knew It was true.  I parked the car outside the hospital and we ran inside. Where can we find the emerency department? I asked the woman in the reciption. Second floor, First to left she said without looking at me. Thanks Harry said to her and ran after me.



 I caughed up with him at the elevator. You really love her, huh? I asked Niall. Yeah, of course I do, He replied while he pressed frantically on the elevator buttons. Hey, mate, calm down. She´s gonna be allright, I said as I pat his back calmly. I saw how his shoulders fell down and he looked at me with a destroid face. I know,he said and looked down. It`s just... I´ve never loved someone in that way I love Wilma, and I dot want to lose her. I know mate, I know, I said as we reached the second floor and we turned left.


Wilmas POV

It hurted every time i moved. When I fell, I hitted my head in something and I´ve got a concussion. The door to my room opened and Niall and Harry showed up. Wilma! Niall shouted and went up to my bed. He kissed me passionatly and sat in a chair next to me. He had a very worried face and he hold my hand. How are ya? Harry asked me and showed up behind Niall. It´s okay, I said. I tried to sit up in the bed. It hurted so much in my ankel. I grimasched as I treid to sit up. But Niall was there in a second and lay me back down again. Don´t effort he said. I lay down as he said and Niall sat back in the chair. So what happened? Harry asked. I dosen`t felt so well, so Niall tucked me in and went to the kitchen to make some toasts. He begged me to take a loaf with me on my way to the kitchen. So I stood on a chair and tried to reach a loaf. But I bagan to feel dizzy and I fell to the floor. I hit my head and my ankel in some way. It´s my fault, Niall said and looked down to the floor.  How could this be your fault? I asked. I shouldn`t begged you to get something for me when I knew you didn`t fellt well. I should have get It on my own. It was stupid of me , Niall said. Mate, this si not your fault. It´s no ones fault. It was an accident, Harry told him. It`s my fault,Okay! Niall yelled and ran out of the room. No, Nialler! I shouted and tried to get after him, but Harry stopped me. No, your not going anywhere, he said and put me back in my bed. I`m getting him, he said and ran out after him.



I ran through the corridores at the hospital. I ran till I found an empty bench. I sat down and lay my head in my hands. I hated myself cause I ran away from Wilma, but I couldn`t stop thinking that It was my fault. Niall! I heard Harry shouting at me. Harry came running round the corner and he saw me. Niall, What the hell are ya doing? Harry asked. I don`t know, I answered and blushed. You know, Wilma was almost hurting herslef when you were leaving her, he said. How! What! Is she hurted? Calm down, She tried to follow you, he said. She was worried you would leave her forever. I would never leave her! I yelled. Iknow, I know, but not wilma. Nialler you can`t run away from your problems. I know, I said and we started to walk back to Wilmas room. When we walked through the door Wilma sat at the bedside. Nialler! she shouted and ran over to me and went into a hug. Never leave me again, Promsie! she said with a scared voice. Promise, I replied. She looked up at me and kissed my lips. Wilma went back to her bed and strted to look for her clothes. Wilma be careful, you can be hurted, Isaid. It`s okay Niall. The doctor told me I can go home If I´m carefull, she said and smiled her big beautiful smile that I love. I went up to her and helped her on with her ordinary clothes. Niall, she said. Yeah, I said and put on her socks. Were am I going to sleep? My grandparents are going to "live" at the hospital till grandpa is better. My aunt has allready picked Skippy and the house keys with her home to Stockholm. Are Ya from Stockholm! Harry said. I thought You were brittish! Wilma smiled at him. Don`t worry, I said. You can follow with us to London, Harry said and smiled. Wilma looked hopefully at me with glistening eyes. Yeah, I really would enjoy that I said and kissed her. She smiled and seemed really happy. But first we all need some sleep, Harry said. We went out to the car and I drove to the hotel in Cheshire.

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