forever's gonna start tonight

All Wilma want is a perfect summer vacation with her friends. But when her parents dicides to go on a holiday to Greece, Wilmas plans chance. But Wilma dosen´t want to go to greece, especially not with her boring parents. Instead Wilma go to her grandmother who lives in Cheshire/England, and she promised that she will help her grandmother with the bakery she works in. But Wilma dosen´t expect to meet someone. Someone that will mean the world for her.

It´s a fanfiction about true love.


6. Grease


 He said the official dating word. He said that I was his girlfriend. And he said it to a person outside the band!  what am I gonna do? The thoughts came running through my head one by one. Niall stoped the car and we went into a huge mall. I bought some new underwears, a pair of black trousers and another pair of jeans shorts, a couple of T-shirts, shirts and tanktops and two hoodies. One grey and one black. When we were going back to the car, It felt so bad. Niall had bought me all these clothes and I can´t give him anything back. We had almost reached the entrance doors, when Niall stoped outised another shop. Look! he said and pointed at a dress in the shopwindow. This shop has to be the most expenisve shop in the mall. The dress Niall pointed at, was a verry beautiful dress. It was a long, black dress with pluning neckline.

-C´mon he said and led me towards the shop.

-No, Niall! I can´t!

-What do you mean?

- You have bought me all these clothes and I can´t give you anything back! And that dress is that expensive that I have too  work in the bakery for the rest of my life if I want it!

-Wilma, It´s okay. I´ve got more money than you ever will earn and I´ve just been in One Direction for 3 years. I´ve been waiting so long for the right girl. The right girl that I love. I want to give my princess everything, so please let  me buy you a dress.

He begged and gave me those puppyeyes no one can ignore.

-But I don´t need a dress! 

-Ohh, If there´s something you need then its a dress!


- Cause when your with me in public, you have to try to look even more beautiful than ya are right now. 

I giggled and followed him into the shop. Niall went up to the dress and handed it to me. 

-Here, try it!

I went into one of the fitting rooms and tried it. It was beautiful. It was a verry thight dress, the material was thin and around the neckline it was thin black lace. Niall opened the door and sneaked in. You look gorgeous! He said and shut the door behind him.


-Yeah....Stunning. You´re born to wear that dress. Take it off so I can pay it.

I smiled and took it off. Niall smiled when I handed him the dress. You even look beautiful without the dress, he said and observed me. 

-Eh.. shut up Irish boy I said and pushed him out from the fitting room. I heard him laugh and walk away. I put on my clothes and handed all my bags. Niall  paied the dress and  we both went out to the car.


Next day Niall and the rest off the boys had an important meeting with manegment and it was meant that I should follow. But I didn´t felt so good.

-Are you okay babe? Niall asked when I went down to the kitchen.

-No, I´m felling sick!

-Oh no, what am I gonna do now?

-What do you mean with "what am I gonna do now?"?

-I can´t leave ya in this mood, Nialll said and kissed my forehead.Oh My god your hot! You´ve got temperature!

-Niall ya can´t miss your meeting! I´ll be fine.

-But I don´t wanna leave ya! Niall looked worried.

-Niall, How will this relationship work, If ya can´t leave me when I´m sick? Your going on tour and I will be sick sometime during the tour.

-You´re right....... I call ya every thired hour, okay.

-Niall! I groaned.

-Okay..okay..sorry. See ya soon!

I made myself a huge cup of tea and a small pice off loaf. I sat in the couch with three blankets wrapped around me. I sipped some tea, but I leaved the loaf. I was´nt hungry.

The time past and the day went on. There was no good programes at all, so I decided to watch a movie instead. My favorite movie grease lay on the TV desk. I switched it on and threw the case on the floor. Grease is the best musicall ever! I sang along to the songs in the movie. I knew every singel line in all of the songs. The part of the movie when Sandy has a sleep over with her friends and she wrote a letter. I love this song extra. 

I know, I´m just a fool who`s willing. To sit around and wait for you. But baby can´t you see, theres nothing eles for me to do. I´m hopelessly devoted to you. But now there´s no where to hide, since you pushed my love aside. I´m out of my head, hopelessly devoted to you. Hopelessly devoted to you. Hopelessly devoted to you.

 I didn´t sing serious at all. 

-Wow! I turned around and saw Harry stand there in the doorway.

-Harry! what are you doing home?

-The meeting ended earlier than expected so.... here we are!

- Oh...okay!

-You´ve got a incredible voice there! Harry said and sat beside me on the couch.

-Oh.....You´ve heard that? I said and looked at him. He nodded.

-Well.....I wasn´t serious. I mean... I didn´t sing serious. Harry just laughed.

-Well......It was still beautiful. I didn´t know your a singer!

-I´m not!

-You´ve got a talent. You can really sing! Why so shy?

-Cause.....I don´t got the self confidence. I still think that I sing terrible!

- Then ya should practise your selfconfidence.

-Please....please don´t tell anyone about my singing.



-Okay.....I promise. I gave him a small smile when Niall entered the room.

-Babe! How are you? Are you okay?

-Yes Niall..... I´m okay.

-Are you watching Grease!? Louis shouted from the hall. He ran into the livingroom and threw himself on the couch. The rest of the boys joined us and Niall sat next to me with his arm around me. We watched the film and Niall and Louis sang along to the songs. Harry gave me a look but i just shook my head.  We ordered pizza tonight, cause no one wanted to cook and I was sick so I couldn´t. I wasn´t hungry so I just drank some water. I hadn´t eat anything during the whole day. I´ve just drinkin lots of water and tea.

-Is´nt ya hungry? Niall asked me.

-No....I´m not hungry when I´m sick.

-But you have eaten something today right? 

-Umm.....Yes. I lied.

-Good, I don´t want my girl  to starv. It´s important to eat. especilly while your sick. You need all enrgy ya can get.

I just leand my head against Nialls shoulder and I slowly fell asleep.


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