Warhammer 40k: Chaos Space Marine

This was originally going to be a novel but I decided to put the first few chapters on Movellas and I will release a new one every month.


2. Tyranid Swarm

We had been back in the Bastion for three weeks and we had set up a ring of defence lines around the Bastion. We had also built a Sky shield landing pad, surrounded by walls and linked to us. I had 50 Chaos Marines guarding the place along with10 possessed, 10 Chosen, 1 Defiler,5 Plague marines and 1 Land Raider. I, Chaos Lord Kranon the Relentless, was in charge of it all.

We received news that a horde of Tyranids were heading our way, but we weren’t told how big it was. 5 hours later as the sun was just disappearing beneath the horizon, a very worried Chaos marine came up to me and said, “Sir, we have sighted the swarm. It is at least 100 strong!” I simply said, “Prepare for a fight in the dark!”

The first Tyranids to reach the walls were Spore mines, designed to blow up and punch holes in walls. They were met by a volley of bullets and none of them survived. Next came 20 Termagants, normal Tyranid soldiers, who were burnt to death by Flamers. They were followed by a massive Carnifex, a bioengineered creature of mass destruction.  But even that could with stand a hail of Las-gun, Las-cannon and Plasma gun shots. It collapsed, crushing some of the defence lines and 5 of my marines. 2 dozen Ripper swarm soldiers began streaming through the holes in the walls, pouncing on the Chaos marines or being cut down by Bolt gun fire. The possessed flew in, picked two up each and dropped them from a great height. They hit on the ground with a splat and disappeared into a pool of blood (It was purple).when they were dealt with about 30 of my marines remained. 2 more Carnifexes made appearance only to be run down by a Land Raider or smashed to bits by a Defiler. 5 more Termagants got through, killed another 2 marines then were slaughtered mercilessly by the Plague marines. Unfortunately a single Spore mine snuck through and blew up all but one Plague marine. He turned and fled into the bastion. I could see the main bulk of the horde approaching the breach. I jumped of the top of the Bastion; commando rolled and ran to the hole in the wall. I unsheathed my Force sword, looked up and came face to face with a Tyrannofex, the most powerful creature in the Tyranid army.

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