My Everything

"Darling, don't leave me! Please!"
"Honey, don't go!"
"Please, don't make me cry hun!"


1. Now

As I look round the world has no colour, it has no taste, no zest to it anymore. I look down to my clothes, which were once colourful, but now are faded, gray and stained. The blood all over my body is the only colour left. I hear the voices of the people I loved. As I finally reach the tipping point of the cliff, I had jumped off. Ever since, the scene has been taped up. I see myself crying, stopping, staring, jumping, dying...Why did I jump? When I was alive I wanted to die. When I am dead I want to live. Why is it always opposite? My mum is crying on the kitchen table, saying it's all her fault, and my dad, sister and boyfriend are next to her doing the same. I just wanted to die, that's all. I didn't know that hell was this horrible. I touch my mum, I talk to her, yet she cannot feel, nor hear, nor see me. I know none of them can. Not only have I hurt myself than I have hurt the ones I love. And I lost the ones I need. Why did I do this? My scream echos through the air, now the only thing I really hear. Yet I can just about hear all the other little things from the ones I love and need.

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