My Everything

"Darling, don't leave me! Please!"
"Honey, don't go!"
"Please, don't make me cry hun!"


3. Cyberbully

My life? My life started like everyone else's, I was born. I grew. I got BULLIED. But not just any old bullying, cyber bullying. I got everyone calling me slut and bitch and little shit and other names. Just because of fucking Facebook. Some bitch posted on my page that she was the real Nave James and she posted videos of me having sex with some idiot (Which was obviously her having sex.) . She posted videos of things I shouldn't even talk about and I didn't do any of that. So basically, I got bullied for something I didn't do. Even the teachers turned on me and eventually the only people who didn't know about it was mum, dad and Darcey. Darcey is my sister. So that's my cyberbullying shit.

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