Alexandra Silver has experienced extreme pain. Her friends died and she got bullied, but then she moved and became the best player on the girl's football team, got great friends, and the perfect boyfriend. Then she meets Louis Tomlinson. He really likes to bother her, but she just ignores him. Then, some events happen and Alexandra begins to question who her true friends are.


2. Chapter One

It was 7:30 and I was already at school.  I don’t no why though.  My boyfriend had just told me to be here at 7:30 on the dot.  And now it’s 7:30 and I don’t see him anywhere.  I was really mad because school starts at 8:15 so I got here forty-five minutes early only for him to not be here.  


My sight was then blocked.  I hand was pressed over my eyes and the other over my mouth.  I wriggled at started to lick and bite the hand.  I then heard I a voice whisper in my ear, “Nice to see you too Alexandra.”


I stopped immediately.  The hands were removed from my mouth and eyes and I turned around, only to see Harry there.  He had the dumbest smile on his face, dimples popping out.  I pushed his chest firmly and yelled at him, “You scared me you damn idiot!”


He laughed at me and I saw his cute little dimples.  Harry hugged me and rested his chin in the crook of my neck.  I returned his hug and said, “I missed you.”


“I missed you too.”


I let go of him and asked him, “So, why am I here forty-five minutes before school even starts?”


He gave me a wicked smile.  I got excited when he made that face and got even more excited when he said, “We’re going to embarrass Dani and Liam.”




I jumped up and down, clapping my hands in excitement.  He laughed at my immaturity and began to tell me the plan.


“So first we’ll...”




I took the bucket of ice cold water that Harry had given to me.  I opened the door to her house (I had a key, don’t worry) and went into her room.  On the bed, Dani and Liam were asleep, her head on his chest.  Their breaths were in sync and I couldn’t help but smile.  I took out my phone to take pictures and took them.  After that, I set up the camera in their room.  It would take pictures when I told it to.  


I took all of her clothes out of her drawers and took her and Liam’s clothes that were on the ground (they weren’t naked.  No, they were just in their underwear.  You dirty people).  I placed all of the clothes in a large bag and then opened the window.  Outside, Harry was there waiting for me to throw the clothes out the window.  I threw the bag out and he put them in his car for later.  


Still holding the bucket of water, I threw it all over them.  They jumped out sputtering and shivering and I laughed.  I had the camera take a couple pictures as they just stood there, dripping wet, in only their underwear.  Dani saw me and then yelled, “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU ALEXANDRA!!!”


I grabbed my camera and continued to snap pictures as Dani chased me out of her house in her bra and panties.  She never caught me, but I had gotten pretty far from her house when she realized what she was wearing.


“SHIT!” was her only response.  Dani turned around and went back to her house as fast as she could.  When she got inside, Harry drove up and exited his car.


“Nice job,” he said proudly and high-fived me.  We high-fived and sat there waiting for how long it would take for them to realize they didn’t have anything to wear.  I heard my phone ring.  The caller I.D. was: Dani Baby


I answered it with a cool, “ ‘sup Dani?”


“WHERE IN FUCK’S NAME ARE OUR CLOTHES!!” she screamed into the phone.  I had to hold it away from my ear because she was so loud.


“Calm thyself woman!  Harry and I have them,” I said.




“Come and get them if it’s that important.”


“Fine you bitch.”


She hung up and Harry gave me a weird look.


“What happened?”

I told him one sentence:“Dani isn’t happy.”


He smiled cockily and I returned the smile.  We leaned against his car and waited for someone to come out and get the clothes.  


“Look!” Harry called out.


I looked in the direction of his arm and laughed at the sight.  Liam was wrapped in only a towel and was walking to us.  The thing was, the towel was bright pink and said ‘Danielle’ on it in loopy cursive.  I laughed along with Harry and we saw Liam’s cheeks turn the same hot pink as the towel.


When he reached us he held out his hands and said, “Clothes.”


“Fine,” Harry said.  He slowly got the clothes out, giving me time to take plenty of pictures of him.  Liam glared at me as I held my hand over to mouth to prevent giggles from escaping.  


“Here,” Harry responded.  He gave Liam what he needed and Liam then stormed off back to the house.


“Get in the car before they can catch us!” Harry yelled.  


“To the Hazzamobile!” I yelled.  He laughed and ran around to the driver’s side and got in and I got shotgun.


“Go Harry go!” I yelled.  He pressed the gas and drove to school.




When we pulled up to school, it was 8:10.  We had five minutes until school started, so Harry and I got out of the car and walked up to school.  Lots of people waved or talked to us because we’re popular.  Harry was the captain of the football team and I was the starring player on the girl’s football team.  Dani and Liam were also popular.  Dani was head cheerleader and Liam played football with Harry and he was also pretty damn good.


Harry and I talked to each for a while in our special spot: the large oak tree that sat outside of school.  We were sitting on one of the tree branches and were just talking about our lives.  At one point, Harry told a ridiculously stupid joke and I burst out laughing.  Not it the joke, but at it’s corniness.  Then Harry poked me and said, “There’s Dani and Liam.”


I turned and saw them.  They were standing at the base of the tree, arms crossed and unhappy looks on their faces.  I smiled and waved, but neither were returned.


“Hello Liam and Dani!” I yelled.


“Hi Alexandra,” Dani replied curtly.


“Are you mad at us?” I asked them.


“What do you think?” Dani snapped back.


“Well, I think that you are mad at us becau-”

“It was a rhetorical question,” Dani said.


Awkward.  “I knew that,” I replied.  I looked at my watch and yelled, “Shit!  It’s 8:14 guys!  We gotta go inside now!”


I jumped out of the tree along with Harry.  Then, the four of us raced inside.  The second we stepped inside, the bell rang for school to start.


“That was a close one, eh Alexandra?” Harry stated.  I nodded in agreement.  We walked to our classrooms for homeroom.  I wasn’t in Harry, Danielle, or Liam’s homeroom so I would have to go on my own.  I also wasn’t with them for first period.  Harry kissed my softly and told me he’d see me later.  I headed into the classroom, ready to start a new day.


I sat down in my usual seat, the back left corner of the classroom.  I usually just sat by myself and did nothing.  The teacher walked into the classroom and began to talk.


“Good morning everybody!  I hope you had a nice spring break,” he said.  I scoffed at his words.  He honestly doesn’t care about what we did, probably because he didn’t think we did anything.  


“Well, today- nice of you to join us Mr Tomlinson,” he said until and boy entered the classroom.  Great, Louis was here.


“Hello Mr Adamson,” he said back.  I watched him carefully as he scanned the classroom for a seat.  I then noticed that the only open seat was the one to my right.  I groaned as he made his way to the chair.  His bright blue eyes were on me the whole time, a cocky smile tugging on the corners of his lips.  I could see all of his tattoos from the opposite side of the room there were so many of them.  He walked around me to sit in the chair, his fingers gently brushed the back of my neck. I stiffened at the touch.


“Hello Alexandra,” Louis said calmly.  


“Hi Louis,” I responded.  I looked away from him, but he grabbed my chin and turned it towards himself.  His blue eyes stared deep into my blue ones.  He smiled as I slapped his hand away and tried to focus on the teacher.  Then, his hand was on my knee.  I slapped it, but he kept his hand there, continuing to move up my thigh as the teacher took roll.


“Stop it,” I hissed at him.  He cocked his head like a little puppy might and replied, “Don’t you like this?”


“No.  Get your filthy hands off me,” I whisper yelled.  He shrugged his shoulders and removed his hand, only for it to grab mine.  His grip was firm and he wouldn’t let go.


How is the teacher so blind?  And deaf?


When the bell rang for first period to start, I practically jumped out of my seat and ran out the door.  Everyone was shocked by my actions, except for Louis.  He sat back in his chair and laughed.


I hate that dick so much.  God.  Why can’t he just leave my alone?!?!  Is he that blind to see that I have a boyfriend, a pretty muscular one also.


I went to my next class, again alone.  I got there a bit early so I could pick any seat I wanted.  I chose the one in the back left again.  Class started in a couple minutes, so I put my headphones on and listened to Radioactive.  


A couple minutes later, the music stopped when someone removed my headphones.  


“What the fu-” I started when I was cut off by whisper in my ear.


“Miss me?” said the voice, which could only belong to...





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