Alexandra Silver has experienced extreme pain. Her friends died and she got bullied, but then she moved and became the best player on the girl's football team, got great friends, and the perfect boyfriend. Then she meets Louis Tomlinson. He really likes to bother her, but she just ignores him. Then, some events happen and Alexandra begins to question who her true friends are.


1. All about Alexandra!

*This is isn't a chapter- but it will tell you a little about the stuff the main character likes*


Alexandra's Top Tens



1. Napoleon Dynamite

2. Grease

3. The Breakfast Club

4. The Guardian

5. Les Miserables

6. Star Trek

7. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

8. The Help

9. Perks of Being a Wallflower

10. Mean Girls



1. Chasing Cars

2. Keep Your Head Up

3. Paradise

4. Little Talks

5. Titanium

6. Heart Attack [in this story, 1D isn't famous so this is the Demi Lovato version :)]

7. Breakeven

8. Daylight

9. Viva la Vida

10. Wanted


TV Shows

1. Psych

2. Doctor Who

3. Project Runway

4. Hawaii Five-O

5. So You Think You Can Dance

6. Pretty Little Liars

7. Once Upon A Time

8. Glee

9. Sherlock

10. My Little Pony



1. Harry Potter- all

2. Divergent Trilogy

3. Percy Jackson and the Olympians- all

4. The Book Thief

5. Crewel

6. I Am Number Four

7. The Power of Six

8. The Rise of Nine

9. The Grapes of Wrath

10. Refiner's Fire- all



1. Like to be called Alexandra- no nicknames

2. Favorite color is yellow

3. Loves football

4. Enjoys all music and movies

5. Trusting and trustworthy

6. Tomboyish

7. Very smart but can lack common sense at times [like me :)]

8. Loves photography [to me it seems girly, but she says 'Who gives a shit?']

9. Really likes Maroon 5 [I know only one of their songs were listed, but she likes all of them]

10. Prefers old movies over new ones [thinks they have more creative concepts *insert eye roll* but it's her opinion]


That's it!



A/N I'll update soon because I've already written six chapters.  Hope you like it :)

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