One Direction Imagines

I will write personal imagines for anyone who comments their Name, description of their selves (optional) and what they would like their imagine to be about. If you would like a separate imagine for everyone of the boys please make separate comments for them so that it is easier to organize the imagines. Thanks xx :)


3. Tyler and Zayn

             Zayn's POV


       Gosh. I haven't met one decent girl tonight. Every girl here either wants grind on me or shag me. I had just gotten out of a long relationship when I decided it was time to start to look for someone else. Someone special. Someone that I knew was the one. I ordered a drink at the bar when I spotted her. This beautiful girl with long brown hair and the perfect body to go along with it. I quickly turned my head to grab my drink but when I turned back, she was gone. Dammit! I lost the perfect one. I was now determined to go find her. I needed to talk with her and find out her name. I walked towards where she was sitting and drinking her drink. As I reached the empty stool I felt Simone bump into me and my shirt quickly became smelly and wet. 


             "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry. I-I didn't meant to I wasn't paying attentions let me help you" she said as she grabbed the closest piece of cloth she could get usin it to dry me off. 


              " no no don't worry about it's just a shirt. It can be replaced" I looked up and it was her. The girl that I've been trying to find. "I'm Zayn" I extended my hand out for her to shake and smiled widely. 


                " I'm Tyler" she took my hand and I kissed it sweetly.


                  " well Tyler.....Thank you for spilling your drink all over me.. " I smiled and I looked at her face drop. "I'm only kidding. Although I am glad I met you beautiful" I smiles trying to flirt. She blushed so I guess it was working. I told her to just forge about the incident and we can sit down over drinks. We spent the next 3 hours sitting at the bar talking until the owner kicked us out. She was amazing and when I asks her to be mine, there was no hesitation at all. I had found my perfect girl. My true love. My one and only. And it was this beautiful brown hair and brown eyed girl with nothing but a heart full of love. 




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