One Direction Imagines

I will write personal imagines for anyone who comments their Name, description of their selves (optional) and what they would like their imagine to be about. If you would like a separate imagine for everyone of the boys please make separate comments for them so that it is easier to organize the imagines. Thanks xx :)


5. Sydney and Liam/Louis

Sydney's POV

I was currently on tour with my 2 best friends. Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson, yes the two boys from One Direction. To be honest, ive kind of had a huge crush on both of them. They are both so perfect and I know that i cant have both of them im just unsure of who i really want. Do i want the kind hearted, gentle and caring Liam or Do i want my hyperactive crazy and amazing Louis. 


Sydney was the perfect girl according to Louis and Liam. Both of them wanted her. She wanted both of them. Liam and Louis agreed that whoever she chose in the span of 2 weeks will be the one that becomes her boyfriend and claims her heart. Liam and Louis took Sydney out on several dates and she knew inside that she would eventually have to choose between her to best friends/ crushes. 

**2 weeks later**

Sydney's POV

Ive decided on who i want. Liam was such a perfect gentleman but Louis and i had so much fun. I had fun with Liam too but Louis really captured my heart and I cant keep him off my mind. Ive got to tell him that he is the one before he loses hope. 

    "LOU ??? " I walk around the concert arena looking for him until i finally spot my boobear. I run up to him and give him a huge kiss on the cheek and whisper quietly in his ear "I choose you. Will you be mine lou?" He looks at me with the biggest grin and kisses me softly.

"I thought that i was the one who should be asking you out not the other way around"  He laughs and picks me up spinning me around. Liam took the news very well and was happy for both Louis and I. He eventually found a girl who he truley loved and we stayed best friends. Three years later i married my best friend and we created our perfect tommo family.


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