One Direction Imagines

I will write personal imagines for anyone who comments their Name, description of their selves (optional) and what they would like their imagine to be about. If you would like a separate imagine for everyone of the boys please make separate comments for them so that it is easier to organize the imagines. Thanks xx :)


2. Mia and Harry

Mia's P.O.V~

       Today was the day. I finally get to meet One Direction. I was waiting in line with two of my best friends just having fun being loud and crazy. We were just excited and what better way to express that then laughing and singing songs to pass the time. After about 20 minutes I was next in line. I gave my Cd to Niall to sign first and he passed it down to Liam then Louis then Zayn and finally Harry. God those curls and dimples. Those gorgeous green orbs. I stopped in front of Harry and he looked up at me and chills shot through my body. 

         "hello love, Whats your name?"  He said to me flashing his signature smile.


           "h-hi, I'm Mia" Oh my gosh im talking to Harry Styles!! I was nervous. For the first time i was actually nervous in front of a guy. 


             " Beautiful name for a beautiful girl" I giggled and blushed. As i was leaving the line i was looking at all the signatures of the boys and noticed something quite interesting. Harry had signed his name but also with his number saying text me ;) beside it. I looked back at harry and he gave me a wink. I of course blushed and walked away and texted Harry just to make sure he didnt give me a bogus number.

M: Hey it's Mia

         Its been three hours and Harry and I have been texting back and forth. We have so much to talk about. After about another two hours I went to bed exited for tomorrow because Harry asked me on a date!!!!! 

~4 years later~ 
          "Thats how your father and I met" I told my two children Darcy and  Matthew before putting them to bed. As I turned around i saw Harry leaning against the door frame admiring how i put our kids to sleep. I walked over to him wrapping my arms around his waist. 

           " I love you Harry Styles" 

            " I love you too Mia Styles " He flashed that same smile that he did four years ago that made me fall deeply in love with him. 


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