as long as you love me

HI im Emma Constancio. you are probably freaking out right now yes im Andrew and Alex's sister they are the best brother's I can ever have I'm 16. MY BFF is Zack and Mallory.I'm always with the Crew. We live in a huge house i love my bedroom. My brother's are like my best friend's. I have a huge crush on Austin.


13. what really

Andrew and Trinity Went in their Hotel Room

Alex: Do you know what is wrong with Austin

Robert: No but that was weird what he did

Taylor: Yeah It was But we will find out

Mallory: Yeah Guys dont worry about it we will find out tomorrow

Alex: the thing is we cant stop worrying about it he is are Best friend

Robert: I agree Alex

They went in to their Hotel Rooms

Kaleb: I wonder what is wrong with Austin

Sinead:Yeah I Know Right we will find out Tomorrow

Kaleb: Yeah I know Babe Lets go to are hotel room

They went in their room

I walked In Austin Was Laying on the Bed

Emma:Austin what is wrong

Austin:Nothing would you leave me alone

Emma: no I wont I want to know what is wrong

Austin: Okay You want to know

mma: Yes Of course

Austin: My mom did not come to the show she is said Im going to be there

Emma: What Really

Austin: yes I dont want to do anything lately

Emma:Maybe we should take a Vacation

Austin: do You want to

Emma: Yeah we should

Austin: Okay we will

Emma: where was your mom

Austin: She was with someone

Emma: really you think she would want to go to your concert

Austin: Yeah I know

Emma: But you know she cant come to everyone

Austin: I know

Emma: next time please dont take it out on us

Austin: Yeah I know Sorry Babe

He kissed me

Emma:But you better go tell everyone what was wrong they want to know

Austin: Yeah I know I will in the morning

Emma: good they wanted to know right away Alex and Robert wanted to come see

Austin: Oh well i guess I should of told them

Emma: they can wait they said they could

we went to bed

the next morning


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