as long as you love me

HI im Emma Constancio. you are probably freaking out right now yes im Andrew and Alex's sister they are the best brother's I can ever have I'm 16. MY BFF is Zack and Mallory.I'm always with the Crew. We live in a huge house i love my bedroom. My brother's are like my best friend's. I have a huge crush on Austin.


6. the prank

Alex: Awe you guys are so cute

Emma: Thanks Alex so are you and Taylor

I looked over where Andrew And Mia were they were having a blast

Emma: Alex come here i have to talk to you

Alex: Yeah what is it

Emma: don't you think Andrew should date Mia not Taylor i mean Taylor does not even come over at all

Alex: Yeah he should we are going to ask him when everybody leaves

I went in the house and Austin came with me we got some snacks and brought them outside I decided to invite Eden because me and her started to hang out she is Robert's Best friend

Text to Eden

Emma: hey you wanna come over we are having a party

Eden: Yeah sure why not

She came over we walked outside where everyone was at

Robert: Hey Best friend

Eden: Hey

I went to go sit by Austin

Austin: what did you want to talk to Alex about

Emma: do you think Mia and Andrew should date

Austin: Yeah they are best friends and Taylor never comes over i know that

Emma: Yeah I know thats what i said to Alex we are going to ask Andrew when she leaves

we stayed outside in tents

Austin was sleeping already so i wanted to play a prank on him

How about we lay him on something and put him in the pool when he wakes up he will fall of

Alex, Robert, Tyler and Kaleb helped me

Tyler: this is going to be funny

Robert,Tyler and Kaleb: yeah it is

Emma: Night guys

we all heard a splash we woke up and went outside Austin was all wet

Emma: it worked guys

Austin: Emma I'm going to get you

I ran he ran after me

he got me

Emma: Haha you like my prank

Austin:yes Emma

He kissed me

Austin: Love you now you are all wet

Emma:Haha funny Love you 2

Alex: are you ready to go ask Andrew

Emma: Yep Andrew come down here

Andrew Yeah what do you guys want

Alex: do you like Mia

Andrew: I'm dating Taylor

Alex: come on Andrew you guys don't even hang out or talk

Andrew: Yeah I know Fine I like Mia

Emma: awe why don't you ask her out


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